Study Abroad in Lyon, France!

Spring Break 2018


March 17th - March 25th

During this 2018 spring break study abroad trip, participants will go into the classrooms of Cité Scolaire Internationale de Lyon (CSI) in France and learn about the education in France, discover the impact of different culture and education systems on the teaching in the classrooms, and meet the student teachers from ESPE Académie de Lyon (Claude Bernard University Lyon 1) while enjoying the beautiful cities of Lyon and Paris! 

*This program is associated with a full-credit 6 week online course. There will be four weeks of class prior to the trip, and two weeks post-trip. Please be aware of this when committing to the program and realize that there will be various readings and assignments due throughout the course, as well as a final project at the end.* 

3 Credit Hours (Undergraduate)
4 Credit Hours (Graduate)

Cost: $2,500
Includes: Airfare, accommodations in Lyon and Paris, breakfast and dinner every day 

Trip Itinerary:

During the portion of the trip in Lyon, students will be given the option to either visit local schools, or join Dr. Pradeep Dhillon to visit the Lascaux caves in Dordogne. 

March 16-19: All students in Paris
March 20-21: University visit in Lyon 
March 22-24: Either A) Stay in Lyon and visit local schools or B) Visit caves

Cave option:
March 22: Travel to Perigeux and Les Eyzies
March 23: Explore Lascaux and the Dordogne area
March 24: AM- Local Dordogne tour PM- Travel back to Lyon

This study abroad trip is associated with a course which includes six pre-travel meetings and one debriefing meeting post-trip. Registration information will be available soon. Meeting days and times will be determined by the participants' availability for in-person or E-meetings.


The College of Education will provide qualified students with a $500 scholarship for studying abroad. Please plan to budget an additional $600-$1000 for: Ground transportation, Thank you gifts for your home stay family and teachers, Tourist activities,  Other incidentals,  International student insurance ($75 billed to your student account).

 If accepted, deposit schedule is as follows:

  • $100 due December 15, 2017 
  • Remaining balance due January 26, 2018
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