Study Abroad in Tarragona, Spain!

Fall Semester 2018


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Program Overview

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On the Mediterranean coast just south of Barcelona, spend your semester studying Spanish while experiencing Spanish education and interacting with other Spanish students. This educational opportunity is designed to give you rare classroom experience in Spain. 

Program Costs

Application due: TBA
Cost: $15,000
Includes: Airfare, housing, and tuition

The City of Tarragona

One hour train ride from Barcelona, the Tarragona region enjoys a high quality of life:  mild Mediterranean climate, clear sea water and sandy beaches, mountains, and exceptional beauty spots such as the Ebro Delta Natural Park.  The region is one of the leading tourist sites on the continent and it hosts may important industries in the largest chemical complex in southern Europe. 

Tarragona, the capital of the province, offers a wide range of leisure activities:  beaches, sports facilities, summer festivals and many restaurants in which to try the excellent local cuisine, especially fish and romesco sauce, and the wines of the region.

The Tarragona region enjoys a temperate Mediterranean climate characterized by a clear, sharp atmosphere, and skies of intense blue.

Where you will study 

The Universitat Rovira i Virgili  (URV) was created in 1991 by the Parliament of Catalonia from the already existing university faculties and schools. In this way the Tarragona University of the 16th century was restored. From the very first day its aim has been very clear: to place knowledge at the service of society so as to contribute to the social and economic development of its environment, which has gradually transformed over time.

The URV is one of the leading universities in Catalonia and Europe because of the quality of its teaching, its commitment to lifelong learning, and the excellence of its research, development and innovation. As an institution it is increasingly striving for the internationalization of research, teaching, learning and services.

The Universitat Rovira i Virgili consists of 12 faculties and schools in which 1,500 lecturers and researchers provide quality degrees to over 11,000 undergraduates and 1,500 master’s-degree and doctoral students, who attend courses in all knowledge areas: the sciences, health sciences, social and legal sciences, engineering and architecture, arts and humanities, all adapted to the European Higher Education Area.


Students will have the following options:
*Take courses for the fall semester
*Participate in schools in Tarragona

For a listing of courses offered that already have Illinois equivalencies, please contact Allison Witt at


The majority of classes are taught in Spanish or Catalan.  Some courses are taught in English. 


Pre-Departure Activities 
All students are required to attend all Pre-Departure Activities the semester before their term abroad. The exact dates, times, and location will be given to students post-acceptance so that they can arrange for their attendance at the activity(ies). Topics such as Culture Shock, health and safety scenarios, and other helpful pre-departure information will be presented. This is also a really great opportunity to talk about packing, meet other classmates on a program, and talk to returnees who have already been to the host country.  Check the IPENG Calendar for upcoming dates. 

Financial Aid

Because this program is sponsored by the University of Illinois, financial aid can be applied to the cost of the program. The amount of financial aid that is applicable to study abroad will depend on your financial aid package. Since there are many variables that determine how your financial aid package applies to study abroad, it is best that you consult with a financial aid advisor in the Office of Student Financial Aid to discuss your individual financial aid package. 

In addition to financial aid, you can apply for the scholarship from College of Education. You can also apply the Illinois for Illinois (I4I) Scholarship at 

Health and Safety
All College of Education programs include services ranging from international insurance coverage to a 24-hour phone line to speak to an Advisor on Duty.  Details of these services can be found here:

The Application Period is not yet open for Fall Semester 2018. Please check back for updates. 


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