A Global Center for Learning and Research


The College of Education at Illinois is a magnet for international students who want to join our prestigious institution and learn from the best educators and perform cutting-edge research that changes the world. You will join students who come from all over the world—nearly 40 countries—and bring their unique perspectives and voices, while adding distinctive insights into classrooms. International students and international study experiences enrich the education for both you and domestic learners.

Our faculty members also are internationally known and respected and collaborate with their colleagues worldwide, incorporating international course content, and leading study abroad tours.

We encourage you to view our wide range of degree programs, which includes high-quality online learning. In addition, our Learning & Education Studies curriculum prepares students for positions in formal and non-formal learning and education settings that do not require Illinois state licensure.

We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to the College of Education scholarly community. Your education at the College will be of the highest quality among convivial and learned scholars who will further open the world to you. You will learn and perform research alongside fellow international students who are striving to achieve great things and positively change the world, just like you.

Allison Witt
Director of International Programs