The IDEALL facility includes:

  1. Main laboratory studio
  2. Control room with one-way mirror looking in onto the lab
  3. Pull-out interview room immediately adjacent to the studio

Room Technologies enable video and audio capture:

  • 360-degree ceiling cameras
  • Wireless and ceiling mounted microphones available that can be selectively synced with cameras
  • Temporary local data storage servers
  • One-way mirror observation room
  • Pull-out interview space immediately adjacent to the lab

Projectable Surfaces enable wraparound or immersive virtual environments for participants:

  • Three walls have flat white surfaces or mounted screens
  • Floor is a white projectable surface
  • Ceiling holds an array of mounted portable projectors

Portable Equipment (Available upon request):

  • Flat screen TVs (80-inch), which can be positioned vertically or horizontally, and raised or lowered, so students of various ages can interact directly with the screens.
  • Multiple Kinect devices, which coordinate with displays, allowing for the study of gesture and movement used in learning with media.
  • Multi-touch tabletop screens (55-inch), for researching next-generation tools that facilitate collaborative learning with technologies.

Technical Equipment Lists and Documentation

  • Coming soon!

IDEALL Facility Layout:

  • Coming soon!