Revising a Course FAQs

Q.  I want to remove a prerequisite or cross-listing from an existing course.  Do I need approval from that unit to submit with the course revision form?

A.  If the prerequisite/cross-listing is being removed because that course no longer exists, an approval would not be needed. However, if the course is being removed or changed for other reasons, a letter of justification from the unit housing the prerequisite/cross-listed course IS required.

Q.  How do I transfer an existing course from one department to another? 

A.   You will need to complete a Course Revision Form.  It would need to include a change in Subject (for example, PSYC to EPSY) and a change in Course Number (if needed). Both departments would need to sign off on the form. If there are cross-listings, those signatures will also need to be acquired.