Applied Categorical Data Analysis
EdPsych/Psych/Soc 589
C.J. Anderson
Fall 2018
Last revised:  December 17, 2018


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  • Announcements (10/16: up-dated with SAS, R and data)
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      General Information :

    • Syllabus (2018).
    • Computing: You will have 2 options (i.e., I can provide help with):
      • SAS statistical software: You can obtain a free educational versions from Look for "SAS Software for Learning". There is a University Edition and an OnDemand version. The latter requires an internet connection but it also includes more procedures (e.g., GRAPH, ETS and OR). Alternatively, you can purchase a license from webstore.
      • R: It's free. There is more up-front learning with this and you will need to learn more packages and commands than SAS; however, you can't beat the graphics! I still consider myself a learner of R and will include R scripts to go with lectures; however, these will be rolled out as the semester progresses. There is also some online R information that goes with the Agresti text.

    • Oct 16: In lecture we went over graphing data but using text rather than points. The SAS and R code to do this. The data to use for SAS with code to create data file, and a text file for R
    • If you are registered for the class, you should have received a note from me and

    Lectures Notes:

    General comments: Only print/download one lectures at a time. I am making changes to the notes for Fall 2018. Up-dated notes will have the solid block "I" logo rather than the column logo. The notes below are in a more printer friendly than the ones used in class.
    Since I am adding R, I will roll out R scripts as I am learn the packages for categorical data and work out R scripts of examples in lecture (and eventually homeworks).

    Homework and Exams
    Note: The SAS programs were ones that I used in creating the answer keys; that is, they're may be extra things in them that were not needed and I didn't write them with the intenion of posting them on the web.