Applied Multivariate Statistics in Educational and Psychological Research
EdPsych/Soc 584 and Psych 594
C.J. Anderson
Spring 2017

Last revised: May 1, 2017

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      General Information :

    • May 1:
      • I know that there were problems with connecting to the remote desktop server over the weekend. The problem was found and will be corrected within 15 minutes (current time is May 1, 2017, 9:34am)
      • Homework 10 answer key is posted below.
      • Factor Analysis Lab tomorrow. Bring your laptop. The instructions and data are posted after factor analysis notes
      • I will answer questions about exam tomorrow in class (if there are any).
      • ICES forms will be distributed tomorrow. I value your comments and suggestions (I have some changes and improvements already in mind for next time).
    • April 18:
      • Answer keys for homeworks 7 & 8 posted along with SAS.
      • Lecture notes on Mokken up-dated
      • Homework 10 was posted (the last one)
      • Final exam and data posted
    • April 10:
      • Notes and data for graphing lecture posted.
      • Up-dated notes on Canconical correlation posted
      • Homework 9 posted
      • Homework 11 posted
      • Due date for final will be May 8th. NOT LATE FINALS.
    • April 7: Materials for SAS graphics lab on Tuesday are posted below.
    • March 29: Homework 7 is due April 6 and homework 8 is due April 13.
    • March 28: You may do corrections to you mid-term. Instructions for this are
    • here. They are due at the beggining of Lecture, Thursday March 30th. No late corrections will be accepted because we will go over the answers in lecture on Thursday
    • March 14: Homework 7 is posted and due April 6.
    • Mar 8:
      • Mid-term Exam is posted.
      • All answer keys and computer code for homeworks are posted
    • Mar 6: NO LATE HOMEWORK FOR #6---DUE IN CLASS. Mid-term will be posted Thursday March 9th.
    • Feb 21: We will work on computer part of Homework 6th in lecture either on Tue Feb 28th or Thursday March 2nd. The write up will be due March 9. No late assignments.
    • Feb 6: Homework 3 is posted and is due Thursday Feb 16
    • Feb 1: Due date for homework 2 is Tuesday (in lecture) Feb 7.
    • Jan 30: Answers and SAS (and R thanks to Wes) for homework 1 are posted.
    • Jan 24
      • I posted the data set for the first problem on the first homework.
      • Homework #2 is posted in case you want to work ahead.
    • Jan 17
      • First homework: login in to BEFORE next class! If you have trouble send me email.
      • Introduction sessions to SAS will be given on Tuesday, January 24, 9-10am, rm 22 Education Building. Bring a laptop to the session and be sure that you can login to before the sesson.
      • A bit of help on homework 1--- you need to compute the angle between two vectors, say x and y, assuming that you have computed the length of x and y (i.e., Lx and Ly), the SAS code (with comments) for this would be
        cos_x_y = x`*y/(Lx*Ly);

        * compute inverse of cos and answer given in terms of radians;
        rad_x_y = arcos(cos_x_y);

        * create a scalar equal to pi;
        pi = constant('Pi');

        * convert radians to degrees;
        degree_x_y = (180/pi)*rad_x_y;

    • Computing: We will be running the SAS statistical software (SAS) using remote desktop to a university server. Here are the instructions: Instructions. MAC users will have to download a (free) version of the remote desktop application. Note that when you are asked for computer by the remote desktop program, "".


      There are a few things that you need before you can connect to the remote server:
      • Your computer must be hooked up to the internet. If you access the internet via campus wireless, home, hotel, Espresso Royal, or elsewhere).
      • You must have the remote desktop application. Those running windows already have it, but those using a MAC, then you will need to download remote desktop server software.
      • You must run the VPN software to get behind the UofI firewall. See VPN (Virtual Private Networking)
      • You must be registered for the class. If you reccently registered, you may not yet have permission to login.