Afterwords and Book Reviews


Designed to stimulate ongoing dialogue among authors and between authors and readers, ‘‘Afterwords’’ is a forum for critical and constructive responses to the articles and book reviews published in Educational Theory. Contributions are short and to the point: 750–1000 words for longer responses; 350–500 words for shorter rejoinders. While some responses are commissioned by the editor, the journal welcomes submissions to “Afterwords.” Submissions will be vetted by the editor according to how well they prompt further reflection on positions advanced in the journal. Manuscripts should be submitted as an e-mail attachment to

Book Reviews

In order to see the key books in the field reviewed more reliably and quickly, we are making a transition from our exclusive focus on full-length, topical, multi-book review essays to shorter, single book reviews. At the same time, the journal would like to maintain its commitment to substantive, detailed, critical engagement. Thus, in our reviews, we are looking for more than a rehearsal of main points, a positive/negative evaluation, or even a combination of the two. The goal is critique in the Kantian sense: an attempt to establish the extent and limits of something. We would like our reviewers to offer a fresh, pointed, sympathetic reconstruction of the argument in the service of figuring out how far the book takes us, where it stops short, what might count as wrong turns, etc. The ideal is to go beyond merely talking about the book to, as it were, talking with the book about the question it takes up. Praising the book is fine, though more effective than saying what you value is showing what is impressive, important, or interesting about it.

All our reviewers are commissioned by the journal. However, if you would like your book to be considered for review, please contact Roman Friedman or send a review copy of your book to:

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