Academic Hourly Job Description form
    Statement of SURS annuity Status for Retiree Rehires
    Timesheets for Civil Service:
        Biweekly Non-Exempt Timesheet (Excel Spreadsheet)
        Biweekly Exempt Leave Report (pdf)
        Biweekly Exempt Leave Report (Word Document)
        Extra Help Timesheet (pdf)

    Graduate Assistant Rates in the College of Education (2013-14) (pdf
    HR Unit Brochure (pdf)
    Hiring a New Employee? (Coming soon)
    NESSIE – Things you can find and do in NESSIE
    Payroll Schedule (2018) (University-Payroll-Schedule-2018)
        Academic Professional Searches (Coming soon)
        Faculty/Academic Searches (Coming soon)
    Smoke-Free Frequently Asked Questions
        Undergraduate Student Wages Link

Instructions and Systems:

    Academic Leave Reporting Tool (AVSL)
        Academic Professional (> 9 month appointment) instructions
        Faculty/Academic (9 month appointment) instructions

    HR Appointments System (HR Apps)
        Introduction (pdf)
        Requesting Academic Appointments (pdf)
        Requesting Student Appointments (pdf)
        Routing Approvals (pdf)
    Timetracker for Hourly Employees
        Employee Instructions (pdf)
        Supervisor Instructions (pdf)