If I enter the James Scholar Program as a Freshman, what are the requirements to earn cords at graduation?
Freshmen who qualify as a James Scholar will receive notification in their Notification of Admission Letter. They will also be officially invited by the College in September. Freshmen are registered for their first honors course, EDUC 102 during their first meeting with their advisor. First semester freshmen who earn an Institutional and Overall GPA of 3.25 during their fall semester are eligible to continue in the spring. This applies only to freshmen for their first semester. Students must complete a James Scholars Project, in the Fall and Spring semester, in order to be certified for the year.
To receive honor cord recognition, students must have been awarded at least three James Scholar academic certifications. In addition, two research projects are required, and they MUST participate their senior year.

How do I submit the eHCLA (Honors Credit Learning Agreement)?
You can submit the using the online system. The process will begin with an invitation to the eHCLA link. It is your responsibility to initiate discussion with the instructor and electronically complete and submit the form. Once you access the form, you will have the option of completing an eHCLA for an (1) enrolled course or (2) a research project with a faculty member. You will be asked to provide the instructor’s , as well as a short description of the project. If you choose to complete an eHCLA for an enrolled course, you will be required to submit the CRN, number, section and credit hours of the course corresponding to your project idea. Once submitted, the instructor will receive a link to your eHCLA via e-mail. The instructor will accept the agreement, ask for a revision, or reject the form. Once the has been approved by the instructor, it will be sent to the SAAO office for final approval.

Do I have to take an approved James Scholar Course?
No, you can submit an eHCLA on any graded course or do research with a faculty member. You can also study abroad, participate in Leadership Center I Programs or complete a professional development project during your student teaching semester.

When do James Scholars need their advising appointment?
James Scholars should schedule their advising appointment before the start of early registration.

Can I do James Scholar projects during my student teaching year?
The professional development theme offers College of Education James Scholars four options during their student teaching semester. Please refer to the James Scholar Honors Program page for details.

What is the due date each semester for James Scholars eHCLA?
The fall deadline is October 1st. The spring deadline is March 1st.

If my GPA is less than the required 3.5 for the fall semester, can I still be a James Scholar in the spring to bring it back up to the 3.5?
No, you will not be a James Scholar in the spring and you will not earn James Scholars Honors for the year. Note: first semester freshmen who earn an Institutional and Overall GPA of 3.25 during their first (fall) semester are eligible to continue in the spring. This applies only to freshmen for their first semester.

If you are a continuing student who earned less than a 3.5 GPA in the fall your GPA to 3.5 after the spring semester, you will be invited to participate again the following year.

When is the last day I can turn in my James Scholars project? Is it the last day of classes or the last day of finals?
That is determined by the professor OR by the Admissions and Records Officer (who will send out notifications with due dates).

I am an athlete/I am a senior and already have early registration. Is it worthwhile for me to be a James Scholar?
You need to consider whether or not you wish to do the extra work to earn access to the library “stacks”, have the James Scholars designation on your transcript, and possibly earn cord recognition at commencement.

If I do not complete my JS project for the class does that affect my grade in the class?
No, but if you do not complete the requirement in the fall you will not be invited to participate in the spring. If you complete it in the fall and do not complete it in the spring, you will not be James Scholars certified for the year.


Can I use a Chancellor’s Honor’s Class as a James Scholar Honors Class?

If I do an eHCLA, which class should I choose?
You should choose a class that interests you and you would enjoy doing an extra project in to learn more about the subject. The course can be for any number of credit hours. It cannot be a practicum or a physical activity (bowling, tennis, etc.) course. It must be a graded course.

Is there a list of James Scholar classes?
The College of Education has two honors courses (EPSY 200 and EDUC 102) and a designated honors section of CI 199 (spring only). There are also a number of service learning and leadership courses that will also fulfill the James Scholar requirement. Refer to the James Scholar homepage for details.

Is there a minimum number of hours required?
No, there is not a minimum number of hours the class must be nor is there a minimum you must take for the semester outside of the 12 hours required by the college to be a full-time student.

Does doing a James Scholar project add credit hours to the course?
No, there is no additional credit hours given other than the credit for the course.

Am I allowed to take two honors classes a semester?
Yes, but you will receive no additional recognition for having course.

Can I use a credit/no credit course?
No, you must earn a “B-” or better to receive James Scholars certification.

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If I do an eHCLA to do research with a faculty member, do I earn any credit?
No, unless it is tied to a course for which you are already registered. You will then receive regular course credit and no additional credit hours.

How do I complete an eHCLA if I’m doing research with a faculty member instead of taking a course?
On the form, you have the option to choose an eHCLA project for an enrolled gradable course or conduct research outside the classroom with a faculty member. If you select the research option, you can complete the form by submitting the instructor and a short description of research. Once you submit the form, the instructor you have listed will receive an email with the URL to your . They will have the option to approve the research you wish to conduct, ask for a revision, or reject your proposal. Final approval will be the responsibility of the Student Academic Affairs Office.