Fall 2016 EDUC 102 James Scholar Poster Presentations

Professor Adam Poetzel and his EDUC 102 James Scholar students hosted a poster session on December 8, 2016, at the College of Education. Faculty, staff, and peers interacted with the James Scholar Education students as they shared their research.

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James Scholar Undergrads and faculty benefit mutually through research and learning

Associate Professor Jennifer Cromley has worked with several College of Education James Scholar students during her research on middle school students' problem-solving in math and science. Read more...

Undergraduate Research Symposium

April 21, 2016
James Scholars presented research from CI 199 this semester at the University level. See a list of presenters and topics below the photos. More photos are available on Facebook.
Image for Grace LiuGrace Liu
Image for Stefanie AyalaStefanie Ayala
Image for Gabriella MizgalaGabriella Mizgala
Image for Jacqueline ShannonJacqueline Shannon

Using Modified Science Trade Books to Enhance Elementary Science Instruction Grace Liu, Freshman, Elementary Education

Community-Based Instruction: What Happens to Students with Disabilities After High School? Stefanie Ayala, Freshman, Special Education

The Importance of Literacy in Spanish-Speaking Homes and their Communities Gabriella Mizgala, Sophomore, Elementary Education

Use of Technology and Movement in the Classroom to Improve Understanding - Jacqueline Shannon, Freshman, Elementary Education 

Rapport Study Caitlin Nagle, Freshman, Special Education and Kelsey Linning, Freshman, Special Education 

Coordinating Multiple Representations: A Comparison of Eye Gaze Patterns of High School Students Who Enroll in Calculus - Emily Gajos, Sophomore, Elementary Education 

Development and Conservation Ashley Imyak, Freshman, Elementary Education and Jamie Gorden, Freshman, Elementary Education 

Trends in Academic Qualifications of University of Illinois Education Students Emily Katz, Sophomore, Elementary Education and Hannah Bohn, Sophomore, Elementary Education 

The Effects of Outdoor Play/Physical Activity on Upper-Level Elementary School Students - Victoria Robert, Sophomore, Elementary Education and Lindsey Pingsterhaus, Sophomore, Early Childhood Education

Perceptions of Teacher Education Preparation Programs at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Sydney Cooper, Freshman, Elementary Education and Megan Balk, Freshman, Elementary Education 

Parent Advocacy Hannah Curtis, Junior, Elementary Education and Corey Bilger, Junior, Elementary Education  

Computer Science Integration in the Elementary Grades Amanda Bila, Junior, Elementary Education 

James Scholar Recognition Brunch

April 2, 2016

The James Scholar Recognition Brunch is an opportunity to celebrate the research and accomplishments of our undergraduate Education students. In addition, we honor community members who demonstrate the relentless pursuit of and passion for education in the areas of service, learning, and teaching. The Recognition Brunch is attended by the honorees, students, parents, faculty, and staff. 

Image for James Scholar FacultyJames Scholar Faculty
Image for Cord Recognition (and Presenter): Katelyn MendezCord Recognition (and Presenter): Katelyn Mendez
Image for Cord Recognition: Shannon MerrionCord Recognition: Shannon Merrion
Image for Cord Recognition: Kelly FacerCord Recognition: Kelly Facer
Image for James Scholar Recognition: Sydney CooperJames Scholar Recognition: Sydney Cooper

Study Abroad: Australia Presentation

October 28, 2015

Students participating in the College of Education James Scholars program presented their research findings from the summer 2015 Study Abroad trip to Australia.

Megan Simpson, Elizabeth Oroni, Nicole Pinnella, Colleen Ross, and Lindsay Duffy highlighted what they learned from the experience and talked about the similarities and differences in the educational systems.

The five students were among 26 Education students who attended the summer 2015 study abroad trip to Australia to conduct research on various aspects of Australian education.

Check out the video.


Professor Adam Poetzel and his EDUC 102 James Scholar students hosted a poster session on December 10, 2015, at the College of Education. Faculty, staff, and peers interacted with the James Scholar Education students as they shared their research. See more photos from the event. The research topics included:

Chelsey Baker: Life Skills in a Special Education Classroom

Ziyue Li: How Effective has Teach for All been in Improving Educational Outcomes in China, South Africa and UK?

Sara Folliard and Anna Senteno: Poverty and Education: The Achievement Gap and What We Can Do

Paola Flores & Heather Hoftiezer: To what extent have charter schools affected academic achievement?

Alyssa Chlebek & Karen Perez: What are the pros and cons of standardized testing? 

Margaret Parks: Benefits & Drawbacks of Inclusion

Samantha Calderaro and Zining Chen: What Impact Does Inclusion Have on Special Education and Regular Education Students Academically and Socially?

Hannah Miller: Creativity in the Classroom  

Caitlin Nagle: Student’s Mental Health: How do Mental Health Issues Impact Student Learning?

Kelsey Linnig & Stefanie Ayala: How is classroom placement decided for students with disabilities in order for them to be the most successful?

Julia Rush: The Issue with Children’s Picture Books

Brittany Barajas: Why Does the Gap Between Male and Female S.T.E.M. Exam Scores Exist? 

Jackie Shannon: Montessori Schooling

Grace Liu: Closing the Gender Gap in STEM Fields

Ashley Imyak and Jamie Gorden: The Common Core: A Teacher’s Perspective 

Chloe O’Dekirk: What is Teach for America and are the teachers making a difference in schools? 

Megan Balk & Sydney Cooper: What impact does participation in the ARTS have on students? 

Madeline Corbett & Shannon Hegarty: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Standardized Testing