Professor David Zola joined the faculty of the Department of Educational Psychology in College of Education in 1978.  He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University.

Professor Zola began his career at UIUC as a senior scientist at the Center for the Study of Reading where he established and conducted basic eye movement research exploring the fundamental reading skill development of elementary students.  His extensive longitudinal data-set is still being explored and analyzed by scholars and graduate students interested in the perceptual acquisition of reading proficiency.

Professor Zola teaches numerous courses for the Department of Educational Psychology, most notably the foundation courses EPSY 201, 236, and 404.  Professor Zola has also taught courses for the Departments of Human Resource Education, Educational Policy Organization and Leadership, Special Education, Agriculture Education, Curriculum, & Instruction, and the Department of Psychology in LAS.

One of Professor Zola’s favorite instructional opportunities is EPSY 200, an Honors Symposium in Education for James Scholars.  This course meets on the first Saturday of each month during both the fall and spring semesters of the academic years for in-depth scholarship and sharing about essential issues of teaching and learning from an educational psychology perspective.  The success of the learning comes from shared conversation over coffee among all participants.   This course always fills quickly during advanced enrollment from the College’s James Scholars.

Professor Zola has enjoyed every moment he has spent furthering the self-discovery and development of our students, whether over discussions, or research, or many, many cups of coffee.