Since 2012, the College of Education has held an annual James Scholar Recognition Brunch.  This event allows students, parents, faculty and staff to celebrate the accomplishments of our undergraduate students.  In addition, we honor community members who demonstrate a passion for education in the areas of lifelong service, lifelong learning, and lifelong teaching.

These are our past Honorary James Scholars:

2017 Honorees

  Hester Suggs - 2017 Honoree                              Willeta Donaldson - 2017 Honoree  

 Hester Suggs - 2017 Honoree (Posthumously)                Willeta Donaldson - 2017 Honoree 

Samuel Banks - 2017 Honoree                                Dr. David Huang and Dr. Grace Oh - 2017 Honorees

Samuel Banks - 2017 Honoree                              Dr. Wenhao David Huang and Dr. Eunjung Grace Oh - 2017 Honorees

  Natasha Peterscross - 2017 Jr. Honoree                       2017 Honorees

Natasha Peterscross - 2017 Jr. Honoree                                             2017 Honorees