May 2019 information to come, below is information for May 2018.


Candidates participating in the College of Education Convocation and/or campuswide Commencement ceremonies are required to wear the same academic attire for both ceremonies, which consists of a custom blue University of Illinois gown, blue mortarboard, tassel, stole (undergraduates only) and a hood (graduate degrees only). Regalia must be ordered through the Herff Jones website(disposable gowns purchased at bookstores are inadmissible).

Candidates should order regalia even if unsure about participating. There is no cost if academic attire is not picked up during distribution.

Graduates may order academic attire with Herff Jones either online, late online, or in person as follows:

  • Online: Graduates may order rental academic attire from January 16 through April 12 until 10:00 PM CST for the on-campus pick up option (free) and for the recommended ship-to-home option (includes shipping fee).
  • Late online: Herff Jones has designed a late order website that will be operational from April 13 through April 25 until 10:00 PM CST, where candidates may place a “late” online regalia order. A $20 late fee on orders placed after April 12 will be in effect.  Only the on-campus pick up option will be available for late orders.  
  • In person: Candidates may order academic attire in the Author’s Corner, Illini Union Bookstore (2nd floor). The schedule is:
Wednesday, March 2810:00 AMto3:00 PM
Thursday, April 1210:00 AMto3:00 PM
Wednesday, April 2510:00 AMto3:00 PM

Distribution of candidate regalia will be at the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC), 201 East Peabody Drive, Champaign in GYM 1 at these times:

Wednesday, May 911:00 AMto6:00 PM
Thursday, May 1011:00 AMto6:00 PM
Friday, May 1111:00 AMto6:00 PM
Saturday, May 127:30 AMto11:00 AM
Sunday, May 13 7:30 AM to10:00 AM 

Candidates are strongly advised to pick up regalia on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, and before Saturday, May 13th. Please verify your order and try on regalia right away so you can exchange regalia and caps that are too big or small. Please be aware that your gown and stole will be folded and may require steaming (do not iron).

If you cannot pick up your academic attire at one of the scheduled times, you may arrange for someone else to so; that person should present your receipt and must pay rental fees. Payment by cash or check is due at in-person distribution. Payment by credit card is not accepted.


Return of academic attire is also at the ARC in GYM 1 at these times:

Saturday, May 1212:00 PMto7:00 PM
Sunday, May 1310:00 AMto10:00 PM
Monday, May 149:00 AMto5:00 PM

Late return: Participants who do not return their academic attire to the ARC by 5:00 PM on Monday, May 14 are responsible for returning it directly to the Illini Union Bookstore between May 15 and May 18 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please note: Herff Jones will assess a late charge of $5.00 per day to participants returning academic attire late.

More information can be found at Commencement's site for Academic Attire