Robert E. Stake

Unpublished papers

A context of choice. Annual meeting of the National Art Education Association, Chicago.  April 4, 1993.

A fundamental isolation.  A shorter version of this paper was presented at AERA annual  meeting. March 1982.

A housing project elementary school.  March, 31 1992.

A is A. Undated.

A letter to C & I colleagues. November 3, 1988.

A letter to Joe Burnett. November 5, 1980.

A Naturalistic validation of school organization assessment. With Theresa Souchet and  Rita Davis. Presentation at the 1997 annual American Evaluation Association  Conference in San Diego, California.

A personal interpretation. Evaluation: Retrospect and Prospect (??). Undated.

A statement on the contextual factors for science education as a line of research to support  the teaching and learning of science. Undated.

A teaching alliance” October, 1975.

Advocacy in policy study” Commentary on BERA Panel, AERA, NYC, April, 1996.

American education” 1987.

An accountability model of school self-evaluation.” Developed for the Indianapolis public  schools. Undated.

An alternative plan” July 6, 1986.

An analysis of evaluation values and issues in federally-funded transition programs” With  Lizanne DeStefano and David Mectzer. Undated.

An essential individualization of excellence and equity” Paper presented at the annual  meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education. Chicago.  February 27, 1986.

An evaluation of Especially for Educators and other aspects of the teacher education  programs at The Saint Louis Art Museum” With Ruth Whitelaw. 1992.

An evaluation of TCIRY: The twin city institute for talented youth”.  With Craig  GjerdeKalamazoo, Michigan: Evaluation Center, Western Michigan University.  November, 1975.

An evaluation of the Joint Educational Specialist Program training secondary school  teachers of the hearing impaired for self-study and planning by University of  Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology”  With Noreen Michael, Maria da  Penha Tres, Stephen Lichtenstein, and Mellen Kennedy. September, 1985.

An evaluation review of the Wisconsin school performance reports (school report cards)”  November 23, 1991.

An outline of a program evaluation plan for evaluating the pilot-demonstration phase of the  FOLLOW-THROUGH program, academic year 1967-1968” June 1, 1967.

Another two innocents abroad: Reminiscences”.  With Bernadine Stake. June 9, 1971. “Approximations” October, 1980.

Are we quieting reform with an experimenting society?” Statements as part of AERA  Session 28.01 on the topic. New Orleans, 1988.

Art education and critical thinking” A paper presented at the annual meeting of the  American Educational Research Association. New Orleans. April 23, 1984.

Art education in two Illinois cities: The sense of program evaluation” A paper for  presentation at the annual meeting of the National Art Education Association.  Miami, FL. April 2, 1984.

Arts teacher education: Custom and cherishing; Improvisation and adaptation”  Presentation at a symposium on The Future of Arts Education: Arts Teacher  Education---Do we need a new breed of arts education? Undated.

Assessment and changing representations of education” Paper presented at  Kennarahaskoli Islands, Reykjavik, Iceland. August 18, 1988.

Avoiding simplistic assessments” Undated.

Bad, good and best” September 29, 1973.

Bed urinals in the scheme of things” November, 1990.

“The bells of villingen” August, 1974. Revised 1975.

“The case against testing as a way of improving education” January 20, 1986.

“Case study for a deep understanding of teaching” With Linda Mabry. Undated.

“Case study: Interpretivism, constructivism, promotionalism” Paper for presentation at  Lesley College. January 14, 1994.

“Case study methods in educational research: seeking sweet water” Undated.

“Cases and issues” Undated.

“Catching the wry” Undated.

“Cedar way” Draft. November 2, 1990 (?).

“Chicago arts partnership in education at eta-muntu year 1 evaluation” Draft. June 14, 98.

“Children’s museums and schools: The case of Gilbert house” With Linda Mabry.Undated.

“Class Notes” October 23, 19??

“Classroom observation #1 / Classroom observation #2” April, 1983.

“Comments on professor Glaser’s paper entitled “Evaluation of instruction and changing  educational models”. Los Angeles: Center for the Study of Evaluation of  Instructional Programs, University of California. September, 1968.

“Comments on the standards for evaluating programs, projects and materials” Urbana,  Illinois: CIRCE, University of Illinois. March, 1979.

“Comments on the Standards for Evaluating Programs, Projects and Materials” March,  1979.“Constructivist assault on evaluation constructs” Paper presented at the 1998  AEA annual meeting in a session entitled “Evaluating educational programs in the  postmodern era.”, Chicago. November 7, 1998.

“Confusing standardization with standards: An expert on testing and evaluation questions  our reliance on centrally-mandated standards” Networker 29. Undated.

“Constructivist reality” March 14, 1989.

“Contextual evaluation in a contextual future” Undated.

“Criteria for naturalistic case studies” May, 1979.

“The curriculum as a shaping force” Presentation at the annual meeting of AERA, San  Francisco, April 21, 1992 as part of a review of the 1992 Handbook of Research  on Curriculum, an AERA publication edited by Phillip Jackson McMillan.

“Differentiation and standardization of aims” Draft. March 18, 1993.

“Education and computer-driven epistemology”.  June, 14, 1981.

“The effect of reforms in assessment in the USA” Paper presented at the 1988 annual  meeting of the British Educational Research Association at the University of East  Anglia as part of a symposium entitled, A Comparative Review of Issues in  Student Assessment. September 2, 1988.

“The Effect of television instruction on individual learning curves” November, 1959.

“Elusive allusions”  April, 1985.

“Ethics in program evaluation” With Linda Mabry. Undated.

“Evaluating a regional environmental learning system” With Claire Brown, Gordon Hoke,  Graham Maxwell, & Jo Friedman Urbana, IL: CIRCE, University of Illinois.  August 31, 1979.

“Evaluating the impact of our own teaching”.  April 27, 1978

“Evaluation as intrusion into governance” AERA paper. San Francisco. April, 1986.  Revised November, 1986.

“Evaluation at Grays Harbor” 1989.

“Evaluation of art education program in community centers” Draft. November 6, 1990.

“The evaluation of college teacher: a position paper” January, 1971.

“Evaluation of college teaching in a community of practice”  With Edith Cisneros  Cohernour. Presentation at a panel session on Evaluation of Teaching in Higher  Education, AERA annual meeting, San Diego. April 17, 1998.

“Evaluation of teaching in a community of practice” With Linda Mabry. Presentation at the  annual meeting of IRSATT, Dublin. July, 1999.“

“The evaluation of teaching on campus” Revised. October, 1987.

“Evaluation methodology: State of the art?” With Linda Mabry. Presentation to the annual  meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Montreal, Canada.  April, 1999.

“Evaluation report ~ 1975 of project city science” Champaign, IL: CIRCE, University of  Illinois. August 15, 1975.

“Evaluation retrospect and prospect” A paper presented at the 1985 meeting of the AERA.  Chicago. April, 1985.

“Evaluative archival case studies of middle school teacher education” A paper for  presentation at the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association,  Vancouver, Canada. November 2, 1995.

“Evaluative case studies for National Science Foundation archives” A paper for  presentation at the annual meeting of the American Evaluation Association. Seattle.  November 6, 1992. Revised December 28, 1992.

“Evoking the troubling image: A case study of “auto-biographied” performances in a fifth  grade social studies classroom” Paper delivered at the annual meeting of the  American Educational Research Association. New York. April 8, 1996.

“Excellence, evaluation, and curricula” Mauritz Johnson Symposium paper. October,  1983.

“Failure to overcome a Youth Program National Advisory Committee’s resistance to a  contracted evaluation” Undated.

“The fleeting discernment of quality” A paper prepared for an Advances in Program  Evaluation volume entitled “Evaluation and the post-modern dilemma”. Undated.

 “Focus or portrayal” Evaluation and Measurement Newsletter, n14, [Toronto: The Ontario  Institute for Studies in Education.] May, 1972.

“Focus or portrayal”.  Evaluation and Measurement Newsletter, no.14. May, 1972.

“For all program evaluations, there is a criterion problem” Invited commentary at the  inaugural meeting of the United Kingdom Evaluation Society. London, the United  Kingdom. September 20, 1995.

“Gain score errors in performance contracting.” With James WardropUndated.

“Generalizability of program evaluation: The need for limits”.  Educational Products  Report, February 1969.

“Generalizability of program evaluation: the need for limits” Educational Product Report, vl  2, n5. Februrary, 1969.

“Generalizations”  Paper presented at the AERA annual meeting in Boston. April 9, 1980.

“Gold standard” July 26, 1974.

“Good guys and bad guys”.  Undated.

“Great expectations”.  Undated.

“Guideline for developing a final report” With Lizanne DeStefano. Illinois: Evaluation  Technical Assistance Program, Transition Institute of Illinois. 1988.

“Habit and cherishing”.  A paper presented at the annual meeting of the National Arts  Education Association. Kansas City, Missouri. April 7, 1990.

“Him evaluating us evaluating them: Being metaevaluated” With Rita Davis. A paper  presented at the American Evaluation Association annual meeting. November,  1998.

“Hoax?” Presentation to conclude a symposium honoring Robert Stake’s career at the time  of his formal retirement. May 9, 1998.

“How do researchers represent education?”.  A paper presented as a “fireside chat” at the  annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association. Boston, MA.  April 17, 1990.

“How is program helping school improvement in Chicago”.  Undated.

“How sharp should be the evaluator’s teeth?”.  May 12, 1982.

“How we play the game”.  November, 1985.

“Images of governing”.  June 28, 1978.

“In the absence of multiplier effects”.  Undated.

“The influence of need on binocular resolution and size judgment” With Martin  MaehrNovember, 1960.

“Illinois Gifted Project classroom report and manual” With Alan Coller, & Dennis Gooler.  Urbana, Illinois: CIRCE, University of Illinois. January, 1970.

“Investigating relationships between student learning and assessment in primary schools”.  Response to an 1996 AERA session.

“The Ionesquesque clock”.  Response to four papers on the topic The act of teaching:  Theatrical perspectives at the 1987 AERA annual meeting. Washington D. C.  April  24, 1987.

“Is naturalistic research phenomenological?”.  Presentation at AERA Annual Meeting.  Chicago. April 4, 1985.

“The issues about objectives”.  Prepared for group workshops, AFT Quest Consortium.  Washington, D. C. April 3, 1972.

“Issues in school-to-work transition services in schools” Drafts, January and February  1979.

 “Joliet in July”.  Undated.

“Lab and center evaluation” Undated.

“Lab and center evaluation”.  Prepared for discussion of writing a plan for USOE-backed  Educational Research and Development Labs and Centers. August, 1971.

“Lasting innovation in education---why is it so difficult? From an observer’s point of view:  30 years of curriculum research and evaluation”.  A paper delivered at a Colloquium  in honor of Ben Bronz Academy’s tenth anniversary, Farmington CT. April 23,  1995.

“The logic of the case study”.  March, 1976.

“Love and joy about letters”.  April, 1976.

“Mail survey franking”.  June, 1982.

“Making school evaluations relevant” North Central Association Quarterly, vl 50, n4,  Spring 1976, pp347-352.

“Methods and findings of the CIRCE internal evaluation study”.  With Christopher  Migotsky. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational  Research Association, San Francisco, CA. April, 18-22, 1995.

“Naturalistic study of curricular and learning experience”  Paper delivered at Sesame  Science and Mathematics Education Colloquium, University of California,  Berkeley. January 8, 1979.

“Negotiation”.  AEA, 1998.

“Nine approaches to educational evaluation” September, 1974.

“Non-sexist teacher education project field trial” With Bernadine Stake. April, 1980.

“Notes on a field trip”.  Observations for UFES Disparities Research Project. Draft revised  June, 1984.

“On being and becoming”.  A paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Evaluation  Network. Baltimore. October, 1982.

“On seeing and measuring”.  Journal of Curriculum Studies 10(3), 1977(?).

“Policies on assessment of scholastic competence”.  February, 1987.

“Popham debate”.  AERA, 1987 -- Minutes 11-20 of 60.

“Portrayal of programs through evaluation studies”.  Paper presented at CIRCE-IOE spring  evaluation conference, Urbana. April 4-5, 1979.

“Position statement to the panel question ‘How can the educational impact of performances  be evaluated and what are the most effective methods of doing this?’”.  Conference  on the place of performance in an Arts-In-Education Program.  Kennedy Center.  April 27-29, 1978.

“Presumptuous indicators”.  Paper prepared at the annual meeting of the American  Evaluation Association, Seattle. November 1992.

“Priorities planning---judging the importance of individual objectives” Los Angeles:  Instructional Objectives Exchange. 1972.

“Program evaluation, particularly responsive evaluation” Kalamazoo, Michigan: Evaluation  Center, Western Michigan University. November, 1975.

“The programmed instruction movement, 1964; A bill of health”.  1964.

“Programs that work”.  December 15, 1987.

“Progressive focusing” A paper delivered at the Annual Meeting of AEA in Los Angeles,  April 1981.

“Qualitative inquiry to promote understanding” The opening statement made in a debate  with Claudio Castro at the Interamerican Congress of Educational Administrators,  Brasilia. August 1, 1984.

“Quality control & deceptive packaging: Does reform require accurate portrayal of  education?”.  A paper for a public presentation at the University of North Carolina  at Greensboro. October 23, 1989.

“Quality of curricular content”.  Revised. August 16, 19??

“Quantitative and qualitative, open and closed inquiry”.  September 19, 1983. Revised on  December 14, 1983 and December 20, 1983.

“Rationale for qualitative inquiry: To promote practitioner understanding”.  Statement to  open a seminar at the Swedish National Board of Education. Stockholm, Sweden.  March 10, 1986.

“Reading retardation and group intelligence test performance” With William Mehrens.  Exceptional Children, vl 29, n9. May, 1960.

“Reality fleshed out”.  April 27, 1992.  Revised on June 15.

“Recommendations for those considering the support of naturalistic case-study research”.  Undated.

“Re-inventing evaluation: GATT; the electronic super-highway; the Chicago school  reforms”.  With Renee CliftPaper presented at the inaugural meeting of the  European Council on Educational Research, Bath. September 15, 1995.

“Rene Magritte, constructivism, and the researcher as interpreter”.  With Dale Kerr. AERA,  1994.

“Report to the MacArthur Foundation”.  February 24, 1996.

“Representing quality in evaluation” A presentation at the annual meeting of the American  Educational Research Association, Montreal, Canada. April 11, 1999.

“Response presented at Evaluation as a Tool in Development of Social Work Discourse”.  Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, April 24, 1997.

“Response to opportunities for strategic investment in K-12 science education: options for  the national science foundation”.  Undated.

“Response to 6 papers on when to turn down a handsome evaluation prospect.”  AERA  research on Evaluation SIG 1997.

“Responsive evaluation”.  An entry in Thorsten Husen and Neville Postlethwaite editors,  The International Encyclopedia of Education. Oxford. 1985.

“Rigor and naturalistic evaluation”.  January, 1979.

“School accountability laws (Excerpts from a statement)”.  CSEA Newsletter. January,  1973.

“School-based evaluation of multicultural education”.  1985.

“Schools and the children’s museum: orthogonal space” With Linda Mabry. Presentation at  the AERA annual meeting as a part of a session entitled, “For the Marvel of the  Beholders: Research on Learning in Museums.” in San Diego. April 17, 1998.

“Science education and readiness to change”.  March, 1985.

“Science education for the gifted”.  December, 1982.

“Score wars”.  1987.

“Setting standards for educational evaluators”.  Evaluation News, vl 2, no 2, May 1981.

“Shadow study of a sixth grader”.  May 22, 1992.

“Should a doctoral student be allowed/encouraged to submit a case study to fulfill the  dissertation requirement”.  Undated.

“The situation in Tennessee” Memo to EEE team. March 10, 1979.

“Situational teacher evaluation” Revised December 10, 1991.

“Snake oil and intellectual wellness (evaluations of informal education)”.  A paper for the  Cleveland Children’s Museum Workshop. June 24, 1988

“Some alternative presumptions”.  CEDR (?), vl 10, no 3. Fall, 1977.

“Some comments on assessment in US education” Paper submitted for possible inclusion  in EPAA. Undated.

“Some psychometric thoughts about the Presidential election of 1980”.  1980.

“Staff development in two Midwestern districts”.  Undated.

“Stakeholders, audiences and responsive evaluation”.  September, 1998.

“Stakeholder influence in the evaluation of Cities-In-Schools” Paper presented at ERS  annual meeting, Baltimore. October 28, 1982.

“Standards, expectations, and shortfall”.  July, 1999.

“Statement of the congress at l’enfant plaza”.  September, 1978

“Stress on cognitive teaching in school systems prioritizing student testing”.  Paper  prepared for ERLI annual conference. Athens, Greece. August 29, 1997.

“Study guide for “seeking sweet water”---Case study methods in educational research”  Undated.

“Taxonomy of psychological concepts for appraising educational programs.” With Charles  Neidt. March, 1962.

“Teacher accountability”.  A commentary given at the AFT Quest Consortium.  Washington,  D. C. April 3, 1972.

“The teacher at the front of the room” Written in response to two days of presentations at  the Conference on Teacher Shortage in Science and Mathematics: Myths, Realities  and Research. Washington D. C. February 8-10, 1983.

“Teacher evaluation” A paper presented to a public audience at the University of Alberta,  Edmonton, Canada. November 19, 1998.

“The teacher, standardized testing, and prospects of revolution”.  A presentation to a  Washington, D. C. audience invited by the American Educational Research  Association. May 6, 1991.

“Teacher views of changes in school practice”.  With Paul Theobald. Undated.

“The teaching of advanced evaluation: One 16-page article can be enough”.  With  Christopher Migotsky and Rita Davis. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the  American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL. March, 1997.

“Testing corrupting teaching”.  December 6, 1985.

“Toward a technology for the evaluation of educational programs” Rough draft to introduce  monograph series and preface to issue #1. September, 1966.

“Transition”.  Revision 2. December, 1983.

“The two cultures and the evaluation evolution”.  Evaluation News. May, 1982.

“The use of surveys in a responsive evaluation: Evaluation of a National Sex Equity  Demonstration Project”.  With Bernadine Stake, James Pearsol, and Laura Morgan.  Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research  Association. Montreal, Canada. April, 1983.

“Using issues to structure research” Draft January 1979, revised February 17, 1979.

“The utility of evaluation”.  April, 1980.

“Validity”.  Undated.

“The validity of policy research”.  November, 1979.

“The validity of the tests”.  Undated.

“The validity of the tests”.  A statement prepared for the Panel on Testing in the Royal Oak  (Michigan) School District. May, 1975.

“The virtual reality of systemic effects of NSF programming on education: Its profession,  practice, research, and institutions”.  A preliminary draft of a paper on the general  topic Evaluation Strategies Based on a Qualitative Orientation. Undated.

“Vitalization of humanities teaching: An evaluation report of PDHDS”.  With Deborah  Trumbull.” October, 1982.

Voices” December 1, 1974.

What social science does for education”.  February 5, 1979. Revised February 9, 1979.

What social science does for education” Draft February 5, 1979, revised February 9,  1979.

When policy is merely promotion, by what ethic lives an evaluator?” Paper presented at  the University of Tel Aviv. January 29, 1998.

Winning”.  January 6, 1989.

Writing up the case report”.  October 18, 1992.

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