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The Center for Instructional Research and Curriculum Evaluation at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was created in 1964. Staffed minimally as a budget line research unit, for its contracts, CIRCE draws together outstanding researchers within the college and from around the world. CIRCE' s  programmatic focus (educational evaluation) is shared with over a hundred centers at universities, school districts, government centers, and for-profit research corporations, yet, despite its size, it shares a worldwide reputation for high quality work, integrity, and innovative design. CIRCE is currently part of the Bureau of Educational Research of the College of Education, University of Illinois. 

Robert E. Stake, Director


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CIRCE Spring Conference, 2002

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Evaluation  Courses:

  EdPSY 490E course

  EdPSY 498 course

Worksheets for Multicase Analysis

JPS Qualitative Research Symposium


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