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College of Education

Theories of Educational Evaluation
Spring 2000

Department of Educational Psychology
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Robert E. Stake

As taught over the years, this course is advanced study of program evaluation in education and related fields, investigating its purposes and procedures, with attention to settings, personnel, and performance; with review of principal theories; and study of models, histories, political contexts, ethics, and the nature of evidence. 

During this Spring, 2000, semester, the class will organize the study and advancement of a small number of current theoretical issues.  That organization will utilize the Delphi Technique, a disciplined way of facilitating communication among experts from different languages, cultures, experiences and across various barriers.  The aim is not necessarily to achieve consensus about the issue but to explore its complexities and irregular implications so that, perhaps everywhere, the issue is better stated and can be better conceptualized. 


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