Briefings and handouts for EDPSY 490E, available at:
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B1 Case study in social inquiry
B2 Responsive evaluation  
B2a Clock
B2b Priorities
B2c Summary
B3 Criteria for naturalistic case studies
B4 Graphic design of a case study W1
B4a=Ukraine; B4b=Slovak; B4c=Harper;  B4d=Krannert
B5 Two epistemogical tracks
B6 5 level questions
B7 Issues for study of an arts program
B7a Issue, for youth programs
B7b Music
B8 Issues in School-to-work transition
B8a Issues in promoting careers
B8b Coop. Programs
B9 Issues in a women’s studies program
B10 Evolution of CSSE issues
B11Cedar Way
B12 Progressive focusing 
B13 Coding, Wilson, Chicago
B14 Instrumentality
B15 Note taking and tape recording (MacDonald)
B16 Case study orientations
B17 Cases and issues
B18 CSSE allocation of time
B20 Sample 399 journal entry
B21 CSSE project description
B22 Interview Questions
B23 Graphic on case and traditional study
B24 Interview with Fred Norman
B25 Scenarios for CSSE surveys
B26 Vignette "Among Schoolchildren" 
B27 Coding, NCTM: Huberman
B28 From observations to assertions
B29 Constructivist realities
B30 Outline to review a case study report
B31 CIS footnote on methods used
B32 Qualitative Study Characteristics
B33 Logs: Possible Puzzling questions
B34 A Brazilian Mutirao (mini report)
B35 Pattern analysis example
B36 Patterns and correspondence
B37 Outline Mr Free Report
B38 CSSE Observation form
B38a CSSE Key to observation form
B39 Vignettes to support assertions
B40 Approximations of quality
B41 One set of guidelines, designing c st
B42 Triangulation Umea
B42a Roma Slovak
B43 Activity: Value resolution
B44 Anchieta field trip write-up
B45 Validity of representation, evaluation
B45a Validity of representation, case study
B46 Case study summary
B47 The nature of qualitative research
B48 Joint standards summary
B49 Guide to review a case proposal
B49a Guide to review an evaluation proposal
B50 Naturalistic generalizations
B52 Writing the report
B53 Case study types, classics
B54 Guidelines for studying a case
B55 Larry Ecker's art class
B56 Larry Ecker section, ACSR
B58 Evaluating education
B59 Evaluating social work
B60 Evaluating responsibilities in mgt
B61 Mid-course correction eval form
B62 School reform thoughts
B63 School based management
B64 Mabry's Nicole
B65 School-based evaluation portfolio
B66 Strategies for ed reform/sch improv
B67 Class Notes, Mexico City, Oct 23
B68 Gray's Harbor eval report
B69 Issues: Particularity
B70 Issues: Music Integration
B71 Getty: Chap.4 Acht
B71a Getty: Acht 1 page
B71b Getty Table of contents
B72 VBA RFW Grphic, Team assignments
B73 VBA RFW Blank Questionnaire
B73a VBA RFW Survey data summary
B74 Qualitative interviewing
B75a Nona Prestine's case study Part 1
B75b Nona_Prestine's case study Part 2
B75c Nona_Prestine's case study Part 3
B75d Nona_Prestine's case study Part 4
B76 Tolstoy's bee
B77  Graphic:  Pythagorean theory
B78  Graphic:  Test coverage
B79  What tests tell

B80  Survey of RIT graduates
B82   Peshkin: School Board
B83   VBA RFW Indy RO
B83a Adam
B84  Giocometti
B86  Harper School 
B87   Standards, Expectations & Shortfalls
B90  Interactivity
B91  Mr Free and Los Lomas, in full
B92  Epistemology of natl case study
B93  Mail survey franking report
B94  Universal recommendations
B95  Vignette: Twins
B96  Scholarly educational issues
B97  Purposes of education 
B97a Data on purposes
B98  VBA RFW Eval. Summary
B99  VBA RFW Circle Design
B100 Indiana Gifted/Talented Survey
B101 Checklist for contract negotiation
B102 Mr. Free, Burbank Outline
B103 Lightness of Education
B104 Doc. & Storage Tips (coding)
B105 VBA telephone interview
B106 Stakeholders as researchers
B107 Anna and Issam, vignette
B109  Final Rpt Plan Matrix
B109a Ukr
B109b SLO Slovakia
B110 Misinfo from my grad. schooling
B111 Concept mapping
B112 Unstructured interviewing
B113 Knowledge map for Bob Stake
B114 Clarence (vignette)
B115 Plan report, single case
B116 Documents
B117 Generalization
B118 Characteristics, variables, factors
B119 Access, Intrusion
B120 Comprehension = f (Proximity)
B121 Issues and information questions
B122 Countenance grid, evaluation
B123 Field notes, NYSP
B124 Advocacy (How far...evaluator?
B 124a Advocacy (How res?)
B125 Themes and Factors W2
B126 Analyst's Notes W3
B126a W3 3 countries
B126b Slovakia
B126c Utility & Ordinary W4
B127a Theme-based Assertions, each case W5A
B127b Theme-based Assertions, merged W5B
B127c Theme-based Assertions, factors W5C
B128 Assertions for Final Report W6
B129 Planning the multicase final report W7
B131 Vignette: Bill Love's Band
B132 Vignette:  Mr Science
B133 Vignette:  Voc Training
B134 Misanthropy of Effect
B135 Experience-oriented IView Questions
B136 Graphic:  Case to Case Report
B137 Critique of Case Report
B138 Should Doctoral Students...Case St...PhD
B139 Plan EFA Final Eval. Report
B140 Ebert Truth
B 141 Issues, 4 criteria
B142 Do and Did, verb tense
B143 Writing, selected quotes (Fiore)
B144 Advice on final report
B145 Checklist for eval. report
B146 Vignette SxS Slovak
B147 Project Mgt Diary
B148 NYSD pie charts
B149 Classroom Report, gifted
B150 Vignette SxS UKR Bd Mtg
B152 Flyvbjerg 5 misunderstandings
B153 Previewing a study of a case
B154 Ragan: What is a case?
B155 be more like you
B156 CSSE Vignette Textbook tchg
B157 Leading questions
B158 Multiple CS Analysis blurb
B159 Vignette Review by Ivan
B160 Systemic Theory Flood
B161 Patches
B162 Interview Camp Director
B163 Rating Scale Tchg Study
B164 Interview 490 Instructions