Spring Conference, 2002

CIRCE's Spring Conference, 2002, will be held April 22nd through 26th.  It will feature the visit of six faculty members from the University of Granada and the University of Valladolid in Spain. Some sessions will be in English, others in Spanish, both with immediate translation. There will be three research topics:

Sessions will be held in the Education Building, UIUC campus. Sessions on Monday and Friday will in Room 210A; sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday will be in Room 236. Any and all are welcome to attend at any time.

Violence in Schools

Monday, 22nd. Room 210A

9:00–10:45 am Bullying and School Violence
  Dorothy Espelage, Ed Psych, U of I. English language
10:45–12:30 pm Structural Violence, Gender and History of Education
  Victoria Robles, EPS, U of Granada. Spanish / English
1:15–3:00 pm Violence Prevention Resources for Parents
  Peggy Patten & Anne Robertson. ERIC, U of I. English

  Tuesday, 23rd. Room 242

9:00–10:45 am School Violence and Gender
  Rocío Anguita. C&I, U of Valladolid. Spanish / English
10:45–12:30 pm Prevention Education for Latino / Hispanic Youth and Families
  Gonzalo Escobar, Coop Ext.,U of I. Spanish / English
1:15–3:00 pm Creating Cultures of Violence Prevention for Girls
  Rita Davis & Aimee Rickman, CIRCE, U of I. Englis

Research in Arts Education

Wednesday, 24th. Room 242

9:00–10:45 am The Role of Arts in Globalization
  Fazal Rizvi, Policy Study, U of I. English
10:45–12:30 pm The Operational Curriculum in American Schools: Issues of Method. s
  Liora Bresler, C&I, U of I. English
1:15–3:00 pm Teacher Education in Music Education
  José-Luis Aróstegui & Francisco Corral, Music Ed, U of Granada. Spanish / English

Evaluation in Education

Thursday, 25th. Room 242

9:00–10:45 am Dialogue as a Democratizing Evaluation Method
  Jennifer Greene, EdPsych, U of I. English
10:45–12:30 pm Ethical and Political Evaluation Practices
  Juan-Bautista Martínez, C&I, U of Granada. Spanish
1:15–3:00 pm    Evaluation of Teaching in Higher Education: Current Practice, Promises, & Pitfalls
  Chris Migotsky, OIR, U of I. English

 Friday, 26th. Room 210A

9:00–10:45 am Standards-Based Evaluation
  Lizanne Destefano, Ed Psych, U of I. English
10:45–12:30 pm   Evaluation in Physical Education
  Daniel Linares & Carmen Trigueros, Phys Ed, U of Granada. Spanish
1:15–3:00 pm Evaluating with Case Studies
  Robert Stake, CIRCE, U of I. English

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