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Marya Burke
Doctoral candidate in Educational Policy Analysis. Among her many interests are included: inequality in education, school reform, social justice, and discussions of paradigms. Under Dr. Stake's direction, she is currently involved in her second evaluation for the Teachers Academy for Mathematics and Science.  In addition, she is collaborating with Dr. William Trent and several other graduate researchers on a study centered on Affirmative Action and other intervention programs to be included in a volume on Racial Dynamics in Higher Education. 

AssociateProfessor. She received her Ph.D. in school/educational psychology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1986.  Dr. DeStefano was a staff psychologist at the Yale Child Study Center and a fellow at the Bush Center for Child Development and Social Policy before taking a faculty position in the Departmentof Educational Psychology in 1989. She teaches courses in program evaluation and statistics. Her research interests include evaluation of innovative programs and programs serving special populations; assessing evaluation use and impact; and, educational standards and reform. In 1998,  Dr. DeStefano was involved in the Evaluation of the National Youth Sports Program of NCAA and the respective monograph that contains the summaries of this work. 

Delwyn, L.Harnisch
AssociateProfessor. He received his doctorate in Educational Psychology in 1981 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Harnisch is a specialist in the evaluation of educational programs and the development of assessment materials. His current research projects include: examining response patterns for meaningful reporting of proficiency based on cognitive components of measurement; comparing alternative representational models for understanding student achievement; evaluating factors associated with effective schools and individual excellence using structural models; and issues of fairness in test design. In 1998, Dr. Harnish was involved in the Evaluation of the National Youth Sports Program of  NCAA and the respective monograph that contains the summaries of this work. 

Linda Mabry
Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, 1994). Dr.  Mabry  is  an Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology and Educational Inquiry at Indiana University.  She teaches courses on large-scale and teacher-developed performance assessment, program evaluation, and qualitative research methods. Her research interests are in performance assessment; program evaluation;  and qualitative case study methodology. At CIRCE, Dr. Mabry has been involved in several projects related to the evaluation of professional development programs. She is currently involved in a project on museum evaluation and co-teaching an evaluation  course with Dr. Stake. 

Christopher Migotsky
Doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology. Chris is specializing in educational evaluation  in the department of educational psychology and CIRCE.  Chris has worked on several CIRCE evaluation projects and has assisted Robert Stake in teaching the case study research methods and theories of evaluation courses.  His primary areas of interest are classroom assessment techniques, active learning strategies, and evaluation of instructional development programs, primarily in higher education.  Additionally, Chris is an educational specialist in the Office of Instructional Resources (OIR). 

Katherine Sloane
Adjunt Assistant Professor and a research Associate at the Bureau of Educational Research of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  At CIRCE, Dr. Sloan has been involved in various projects, including the evaluation of professional development programs for Math educators, a study of school principals as instructional leaders,  evaluation of training in Reader Focused Writing,  and the Evaluation of the National Youth Sports Program. 

Theresa Souchet
Doctoral candidate in Education Policy Analysis. Her fields of interests include evaluation, policy, diversity in education, and qualitative research design. Under the direction of Robert Stake she has conducted various evaluation projects at CIRCE, such as the Validation Study of the School Organizational Assessment Profile. She is currently involved in a sudy on the quality of teaching and student outcomes. Theresa holds a Master's in English as a Second Language from Penn State University and a Master's in Philosophy of Education from Purdue University. She has teaching experience at the primary, secondary and college levels. She has taught in the US and abroad. 

Carmilva  Souza  Flores
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology. She defended her dissertation on April 3, 1998 and is currently working at  the Fundacao Carlos Chagas in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With a background on testing, Carmilva developed a strong interest in case study research and evaluation. At CIRCE she was involved in the evaluation of professional development programs for Math educators. Her research interests are in educational change, program evaluation, student assessment,  and professional development for school teachers. 

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