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Chris Migotsky is a doctoral student specializing in educational evaluation in the department of educational psychology and CIRCE.  Chris has worked on several CIRCE evaluation projects and has assisted Robert Stake in teaching the case study research methods and theories of evaluation courses.  His primary areas of interest are classroom assessment techniques, active learning strategies, and evaluation of  instructional development programs, primarily in higher education.  Additionally, Chris is an educational specialist in the Office of Instructional Resources (OIR).  In this capacity he assists faculty and teaching assistants in developing and assessing their teaching skills and instructional strategies.  Through pre-semester teaching orientations, retreats, workshops, and individual consultations, Chris has worked with hundreds of faculty and TAs across the campus.  Recently he co-developed the UIUC Advanced Graduate Teacher Certificate-a program designed to prepare future professors through a series of structured teaching experiences including workshops, mentoring, peer & student feedback, and public service.  In addition to his work in OIR and CIRCE, Chris is a member of the University's Academy for Excellence in Engineering Education where he develops, implements, and evaluates special instructional development activities for faculty and TAs within the College of Engineering. 

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