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Fundação Carlos Chagas
Av. Prof. Francisco Morato, 1565
Jd. Guedala, 
São Paulo - SP - Brasil
CEP 05513 - 900
Caixa Postal 11478
Tel : (55 -11) 813 - 4511
Ext. 2320
Fax:  (55 -11) 814 - 0008
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Code # 1119874
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Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Psychology. She defended her dissertation on April 3, 1998  and is currently working at  the Fundação Carlos Chagas in São Paulo,  Brazil. With a background on testing, Carmilva developed a strong interest in case study research and evaluation. At CIRCE she was involved in the evaluation of professional development programs for Math educators. Her research interests are in educational change, program evaluation, student assessment,  and professional development for school teachers. 

Fundação Carlos Chagas

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