A Partial List of Persons Earning the Doctorate at CIRCE
College of Education
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Date  Name  Advisor  Thesis Title  Position 
1966 Peter Taylor  Bob Stake  The Mapping of Concepts  Deceased 
1967 Thomas Maguire  Tom Hastings  Value Components of Teachers' Judgments of Educational Objectives  Retired, University of Alberta 
1970 Dennis Gooler  Bob Stake  Strategies for Obtaining Clarification of Priorities in Education 
1970 Henry Slotnich  Bob Stake 

Maurice Tatsuoka 

An Examination of the Computer Grading of Essays  Retired, U. of North Dakota, School of Medicine 
1971 Mary Ann Bunda  Jim Wardrop  An Investigation of an Extension of Item Sampling Which Yields Individual Scores  Retired, Western Michigan University 
1971 Nancy Goodwin  Bob Stake  The Prediction of Artistic Performance form Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Measures 
1971 Edward Kelly 
Curriculum Evaluation and Literary Criticism: The Explication of Analogy  Deceased, (SUNY, Albany)
1971 Duncan McQuarrie  Bob Stake  The Perceived Dimensions of Value Underlying Broad Educational Objectives  Retired, Testing, State of Washington 
1972 Donald Bosshart  Bob Stake  Evaluating Instructional Content  Northeast Ohio University, Medical College 
1972 Barry McGaw  Arden Grotelueschen  
Bob Stake 
Measurement of Change with Fallible Data  Director, Education, OECD, Paris
1973 Terrence Crooks  Will Burnett  Testing and Learning in an Introductory College Physics Course  Education, University of Otago, New Zealand 
1973 Terry Elofson  Terry Denny  Open Education in the Elementary School: Six Teachers Who Expected to Change  Regional Adm for Children & Families, Seattle, Washington 
1973 Tom Lawson Jacob Stern  The Effects of Specificity and Placement of Instructional Objectives on Attitude and Intentional and Incidental Learning  Eden Prairie, Minnesota 
1973 Heather Sharman  Jim Wardrop  Flexibility of Flexilevel Testing  Winnipeg Public Schools 
1973 LaMonte Wyche  Tom Hastings  Differentiated Aspects of Conceptualization in Experientially Disadvantaged Children  Howard University
1973 Mary Yey Tom Hastings  A Measurement of Student Teachers' Need Hierarchy  Self-employed, Champaign 
1973 Chumport Yongkittikul  Tom Hastings  The Effect of Evaluation and Choice on Task Performance  Psychology, Chulongkorn University, Bangkok.
1974 Diane Essex  Jim Wardrop  Developing Conditional Estimates of the Standard Error of Measurement  Retired,Medical Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
1974 Craig Gjerde  Bob Stake  Introducing a Technological Innovation into the Community College  University of Wisconsin Medical College
1974 Martyn Hotvedt  Tom Hastings  A Case Study of Standardized Test Use in the Public Schools  Leigh Valley Hospital, PA
1974 Bob L. Wolf  Bob Stake
Tom Hastings
The Application of Select Legal Concepts to Educational Evaluation  Deceased 
1975 Barbara Schonborn  Lilian Katz  
Jacquie Hill 
An Investigation of the Attitudes of Elementary School Teachers Towards Sex-Role Behaviors of Elementary School Children  Rolm Corp., Campbell, CA 
1975 Nick Smith Bob Stake  The Study of Criteria in Educational Evaluation  Education, Syracuse University 
1976 Stephen Kemmis  Arden Groteleuschen  
Bob Stake 
Evaluation and Evolution of Knowledge about Educational Programs  Charles Sturt University, Australia 
1976 Barbara Kremer  Jim Wardrop  Classroom Evaluation, Developmental Level, and Continuing Motivation  Health Policy Research, Northwestern U.
1977 Laura Gail Armstrong  Clarence Karier  Adolescence in the Twenties as Presented in American Novels, Popular Magazines and Literature Anthologies of the Decade  Houston, TX 
1977 Beth Dawson-Saunders  Maurice Tatsuoka  The Sampling Distribution of the Canonical Redundancy Statistic: An Empirical Study  Southern Illinois University School of Medicine 
1977 Ton Homeke Jim Wardrop  Evaluation of Cross-Cultural Programs of Technical Assistance to Education  International Programs, North Texas University 
1977 Richard Sudweeks  Bob Stake  Responsive and Preordinate Approaches to Program Evaluation in Religious Education  David O. McKay Institute of Education at Brigham Young U.
1978 Ernest Olson  Joe Barron  A Conceptual Model for the Evaluation of Public Leisure Services Programs  Leisure Studies, California State University at Sacramento 
1979 Norman Bowman  Bob Stake  A Search for Instances of District Use of Aggregated Data for Curriculum Improvement  Retired, Ministry of Education, Australia 
1979 Melvin Hall  Bob Stake  Issues in the Development of Formal Evaluation Systems for Higher Education  Northern Arizona U.
1979 Pat Templin  Bud Spodek  Self Evaluation in Teacher Education  Amherst, Mass.
1979 Joseph O'Shea  Fred Raubinger  An Inquiry into the Development of the University of Chicago Evaluation Movement  Retired, Chicago
1980 Charles Secolsky  Maurice Tatsuoka  Assessing the Interpretive Component of the Criterion-Referenced Test Item Validity  Lawrenceville, NJ 
1980 Bernadine Evans Stake  Jack Easley  Counting and Primary Grade Children  Retired, Urbana, IL 
1980 Betsey Hutchins  Bud Spodek  A School and a Screening Examination  Eliot, ME 
1980 Judy Dawson  Bob Stake  Validity in Qualitative Inquiry  Retired, Illinois State Board of Education 
1981 Jo Friedman  Fred Coombs  The Dissemination of Information on Title IX, Sex Equity Legislation, to Public School Teachers  Planning and Research, MECC, St. Paul, MN 
1981 Jo Day Fred Coombs  Dimensionality of Educational Belief Systems  Retired, Human Services, State of Illinois 
1981 David Balk Jean Phillips  Sibling Death During Adolescence: Self Concept and Bereavement Reactions  FRDC, OSU
Stillwater, OK
1982 Oli Proppe Bob Stake  A Dialectical Perspective on Evaluation as Evolution: A Critical View of Assessment in Icelandic Schools  Institute of Pedagogy, Reykjavik, Iceland 
1983 Gabriele Lakomski  Wally Feinberg  Knowledge and Power: Donald T Campbell's Evolutionary Epistemology and Program Evaluation as Social Experimentation  University of Melbourne 
1984 Mary Boscardin  Robert Henderson  A Cost of Analysis of Impartial Due Process Hearings in Special Education  University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
1984 Linus Ogene  Jacob Stern  The United Nations Development Programme in West Africa  Chicago, IL 
1984 Hallie Preskill  Tim Wentling  Evaluation Use in the Management/Supervisory Training Program of Banking Organizations 
1984 Deborah Trumbull  Bob Stake  Teacher Perspectives Influencing Pedagogical Problem Solving  Science Education, Cornell University 
1984 Stafford Hood  Jim Anderson  Legislative Intent Program Implementation and Higher Education Policy  Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 
1985 Robin McTaggart  Bob Stake  The Conditions for Action Research  Deakin University, Victoria, Australia 
1986 Noreen Michael  John Ory  Item Bias in the Scholastic Aptitude Test for Students in the United States Virgin Island  Commission of Education, Virgin Islands 
1987 Sandra Mathison  Ernie House  The Perceived Effects of Standardized Testing on Teaching and Curriculum  Education, UBC, Vancouver
James Pearsol
Bob Stake
A Study of Teacher-Stakholders' Perspectives of a Sex Equity Project (unfinished)

1990 Rosalie Torres  Larry Braskamp  The Role of Context in the Practice and Use of Internal Evaluation Activities: A Case Study from Business and Industry  California

Jennifer McCreadie
Bob Stake
Utility and Compatability of Naturalistic Case Study and Survey Research
1992 Thomas Grayson  Lizanne DeStefano   Identifying Program Theory: A Step Toward Evaluating Categorical State Funded Education Programs  Student Affairs, University of Illinois 
1994 Penha Tres Bob Stake  Effect of Implementation of Assessment Policy on Staff Practice at a State Department of Education  San Clemente, CA 
1994 Linda Mabry  Bob Stake  Portfolios and Inferences of Student Achievement  Washington State U, Vancouver
1998 David Metzer  Bob Stake  High School Dropout Returnees: A Study on Returning to Education  Open University, Israel
1998 Carmilva Flores  Bob Stake  Extending Teaching Reform  Professional Development: The Case of a School on Probation Ministry of Education, Brazil
2001 Edith Cisneros
Bob Stake The Evaluation of Teaching in the Context of a Research University:
Meanings, Trade-Offs and Equity Concerns
Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán
Theresa Souchet
Bob Stake
Educating a Diverse Student Population: A Principal in a Small Urban Setting

Ithaca College, NY
Jin-Hee Lee
Lizanne De Stefano
The Quest for Quality: Evaluation and Early Childhood Programs