Introduction to Weather Unit

Grade Level: Third grade
Subject Area: Science/Art/Language Arts
Approximate Time: 60 minutes




  1. Play a cassette tape with weather sounds on it. Ask the class what they think they are listening to. Have them discuss the kind of weather they are hearing.
  2. Have a whole-class discussion on weather: What is weather? What kinds of weather are there? Make a web with their ideas on the chalkboard. Ask them what kinds of people depend on the weather. (Farmers, Athletes, Picnickers, Sailors,etc.) Ask if anyone has ever had plans ruined because of the weather. Share experiences.
  3. Ask students if they know what a person is called who studies the weather. Explain that this is a meteorologist.. (meteor = “things in the air” and ologist = “a person who studies”) Tell them that it is their job to predict the weather. Discuss what kinds of predictions they may make.
  4. Hand out a sheet of paper to each student. Ask them to fold it in half, turn it sideways, and fold it in half again. They should then open it up and have four “boxes”. Ask students to pick four kinds of weather from the web on the chalkboard and draw themselves in each kind of weather, one in each box. Stress that they should try to be creative and use a lot of detail.
  5. As students finish, they should write an entry in their “weather journal” about their favorite kind of weather and why it is their favorite.


  1. As students guessed what kind of weather they were listening to, were they correct?
  2. Did the class web seem coherent? Were all topics listed on web related to weather?
  3. Did the pictures display scenes of four different types of weather?

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