Evaluation Of Dinosaur Mini-Unit

As I look back at the lessons included within this mini-unit, I realize that although they cover quite a bit of material, they are only the tip of the iceberg. Dinosaurs are a very broad topic, and it is impossible to cover everything. I feel that I did a good job covering a variety of information.

I think that most of my lessons covered my main goal; to rid the children of some of their egocentric misconceptions. The only lesson that did not do this was the L&L lesson. If I had to redo this unit, I still would not take that lesson out. The children really enjoyed making the book, and they especially enjoyed reading Joy Cowley's, The Monsters' Party. I feel that this lesson fit into the unit because I placed it first. We did this lesson before we even began to discuss truths about dinosaurs. Had this lesson been done at any other time I do not think that it would have fit in.

I think that the Math lesson "Dinosaur Measurement" had the most impact on the students. They could not believe how big the Tyrannosaurus Rex really was. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them continue to run back into the room to get more students to lie down next to their paper strips. However, there was one thing about this lesson that I am still questioning. I asked the children to estimate how many children they thought that they would need. Some guessed numbers such as 1,000 , 50,000 ,and 100. I don't think that it hurt to ask them, but I think that to expect realistic answers at this age is inappropriate. It was a good activity to have them practice writing numbers on the poster though, even if the guesses were way off.

I have not yet completed the "Dinosaur Dig" or the "Dinosaur Egg" lessons at this time. I anticipate to complete both of them next week. I have a feeling that the "Dinosaur Egg" exploration will go smoothly. I will just have to monitor them closely so that they don't break any eggs. I don't know what to expect from the "Dinosaur Dig". I think that it will be hard to organize. I know that it will be a pain to find the fossil information that I need in the books that we have. If I didn't have to do that part of the lesson, I would delete it. Perhaps I will suggest to Marcy that I read something from a non-fiction book about fossils, in general, to all of the students instead.

Marylyn was only able to see my L&L lesson. She thoroughly enjoyed it, as did the children. During our discussion, Marylyn communicated to me that she was concerned when I first told her what I was doing. She didn't understand how I was going to bring dinosaurs into the book. After she watched the lesson, she thought that I did a fine job working the two things together. Marylyn had nothing but positive comments to say to me after this lesson.

Marcy's evaluation of this lesson was similar to Marylyn's. She too said that she was very pleased with the way in which everything went. Marcy has been very helpful with this unit. As a matter of fact, she gave me the idea for the entire "Dinosaur Dig" lesson. She has been pleased with everything that I have done so far with the theme of dinosaurs. That is not to say everything has gone perfectly smooth. It was unfortunate that Marcy was unable to watch my "Dinosaur Measurement" lesson. I think that she could have offered some helpful constructive criticism.