Daily Weather Calendar

Grade Level: Third grade
Subject Area: Math/Science
Approximate Time: 20 minutes daily




**There will be two “meteorologists of the day” every day of the school week. They will be assigned by me at the beginning of the unit. Every day, during the last 10 minutes of lunch recess, the meteorologists will meet me at the computer lab. Using Netscape, they will record the high/low temperatures for Champaign-Urbana and the weather forecast on the weather-recording sheet I provide. They will then check the rain gauge, check the position of the flag (wind) and observe the sky to determine if it is sunny, cloudy, or partly sunny, and will determine if it is rainy, dry, etc.

  1. Ask the two meteorologists to present the daily weather prediction to the class according to Netscape. Class should then record the high/low temperature on their personal, daily weather chart and record the temperature for the day on the temperature bar graph (both are located in journal). Meteorologists will walk around the room and make sure their peers are recording correctly. They will also choose a student to write the high/low temps on the large, class calendar.
  2. The meteorologists will present the class with the rain gauge level, if any. Class will record level on their rain graph in their journal. When everyone is finished, the meteorologists will tell the class the status of the precipitation: rainy, snowy or dry and choose a volunteer to place the appropriate weather “sticker” on the calendar with tape. Each student is also responsible for recording the appropriate sign in their personal, weather calendar in their journal.
  3. Meteorologists will report to the class the status of the flag to determine wind strength. Is there strong wind, mild wind, or no wind? Meteorologists will ask a volunteer to place the wind weather “sticker” on the calendar. Students are responsible for recording appropriate sign on their calendar.
  4. Meteorologists will report to the class if it is sunny, cloudy or partly sunny. A meteorologist will pick a volunteer to put appropriate “sticker” on calendar. Students are responsible to record the appropriate sign on their calendar.


  1. Did the meteorologists present information found on Netscape accurately to peers? Was their information presented in a manner which made it easy to understand?
  2. Did the meteorologists accurately depict the wind strength by looking at the flag pole? Did they accurately depict the precipitation, if any? If there was rain, did the meteorologists correctly read the amount of rain in the rain gauge? Did they accurately depict if the day was generally sunny, cloudy, or partly cloudy?
  3. Do the bar graphs of the high/low temperatures, made by the students, correlate with the information given by the meteorologists. Was information accurately recorded?
  4. Are the weather conditions listed on the large, class, weather calendar accurate for each day? Do each of the student’s individual weather calendars accurately display the weather conditions for each day?

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