Packing a Suitcase

Title: Packing a Suitcase
Subject of Lesson: Social Studies
Grade Level: 1/2 grade -- April
Teacher of Lesson: Gina Chung
Approximate Time: 45 minutes

Background Information

This lesson is a center activity (on a rotating basis) that will extend the discoveries of the lesson, "Clothing and Climate." As the students are now familiar with temperature and the clothing that best suits certain temperatures, they will explore the different climates of various countries and cities. The students will pretend they are traveling to that place and will have to pack their own "suitcase." In order to know what to bring, they need to know the weather of that place. The students will find the high temperatures of the cities in newspapers, which they are already familiar with using to find such information.




[Directions will be explained to the students when centers are introduced.]
  1. Review with the students where they can find the high temperatures of places in the newspaper. Show them an example of how and where to find the information they will need to write on their "suitcase" page.
  2. The students will need to choose five pictures of the major cities they would like to "travel" to. Label each "suitcase" page with the name of the city, state and/or country.
  3. The students will look through the newspapers for the high temperature of each city. They will write down the high temperature and date on each corresponding suitcase page for that particular city. Emphasize that the students should look at the mounted picture, as well, to get an idea of what the weather is like in that city by what clothing the people are wearing.
  4. Using the catalogs and magazines, students will cut out clothing and accessories (umbrellas, hats) that they would pack in their suitcase when traveling to the particular city. They might not be packing what the people are wearing in the pictured examples of each city, but they can dress appropriately for the weather. Have students glue the clothing on their "suitcase" page.
  5. The students should pack for each of the five cities they choose to travel to. All the suitcase pages should be put into their center folders to be checked by the teacher.

Evaluation of Student Learning

  1. Look at the high temperatures the students identify for each of the cities they chose to travel to. Do their answers reflect what the temperature would be in that city and the date it was taken? Were the students able to find all the information in the newspaper (and therefore, write it down?)
  2. Review the clothing and accessory choices the students have planned to pack on their "suitcase" pages. Does the clothing seem appropriate for the temperatures and climate of each city? Have the mounted pictures from each city given them a clue of what they would need to pack?

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