Culminating Activity

After students have learned all the concepts of this weather unit and have completed the K-W-L bulletin board, have them review the things they have learned. What do they better understand? How is it different from what they originally thought? What do they still have questions about? Remind the students that long ago people did not know much about weather and had very different ways to explain it. Read to the students, A January Fog Will Freeze a Hog, and the explanations for each myth in the back of the book. Tell the students that they are going to write their own class book of weather myths. Provide them with ideas by suggesting different titles that they begin their writing ideas. Students can reflect what they have learned through the unit that they did not know before. They can write their own myth and even provide the appropriate explanation. After adding illustrations and binding the finished product, the students can remember the weather unit as they enjoy the book.
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