Introduction to Simple Machines

Grade Level: Third
Teacher: Laura Wilkins
Subjects Integrated: Science and Writing
Time: 30 minutes
Size of Group: Whole class




  1. Explain to children the machines in society are made of up six simple machines. Tell them that they may have heard of these before. If the name of the machine does not sound familiar they may recognize the examples you will show them.
  2. Write the names of the six simple machines on the board. Ask the children if they have heard of any of these machines. Ask them where they heard of them or have seen them.
  3. Show children an example of each simple machine. Ask them if they recognize these from their everyday lives. Present each example and explain where the children might find other examples of this simple machine. Pass the examples around while you are talking about each.
  4. Have children share information about the examples or information pertinent to simple machines.
  5. Pass out the two worksheets to the class. Give the children time to work on them individually. Then go over the sheets as a class. Have the children store these in their science journals.


  1. Were children attentive to introduction? Did they ask questions or respond appropriately to questions or information posed by the teacher?
  2. Were children able to complete the worksheets with the information presented to them? Did any children have a lot of difficulty doing the worksheets?



Author's Note: This is my own lesson. Worksheets were taken from simple machines unit by Martha Kemp, teacher at Thomas Paine school.
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