Researching an Animal (Class Book)

Science, Language Arts

Grade Level: Third - April
Teacher of Lesson: Stacey Perri
Approximate Time: Two Days, Forty Minutes Each


Objectives: Materials:



Day One:
  1. The students, by tables of three or four, will choose an animal name on an index card. Animal names include:
  2. Each group will research the animal, focusing on adaptations to the desert environment. The group will determine the roles that each will take in the research.
  3. Each group will create a page depicting the animal, including a picture and describing its adaptations. The following questions will be written on the board for the students to answer:
Day Two:
  1. Each group will present their information and pictures to the class.
  2. The class will discuss the adaptations needed to be able to survive in the desert climate.
  3. The pages will be made into a class book, which will be displayed in the interest center.


Evaluation: Reteaching Strategies and Follow-Up:
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