Dear Reader of Unit,

I would like to include a disclaimer for my web unit. These are a handful of lessons to be used in a Desert and Ocean unit. By no means is this an all-encompassing unit. In fact, many of them have reproducibles which could not easily be put on the computer. I have many other lessons that I haven't included due to my own time constraints. Another word of warning: On my disk, I have included the table of contents, bibliography, overview, etc. that I included in my unit for a course grade. However, I have added many more lessons as I taught them in the second-third grade classroom. At the time of submitting this for publication on the web, I was in the middle of my ocean unit. Therefore, you will find more information on the previously taught desert unit. Lastly, I have reorganized some of the lessons before teaching them, without revising my original plan. I welcome you to use any ideas you find interesting and to adapt them to meet your own teaching style. Hopefully this will be a useful resource for you.

Teresa Moore

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