The Year-Long Project

Fall 1995 - Spring 1996

The Year-Long Project is an innovative student teaching program in the College of Education at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Here are pictures of the members of YLP.

Here's the personal home page of a former YLPer,
Meredith Brooks.

Here are instructions of
how to register on-line using your Powerbooks.

Here is
the list of network resources from Instructor Magazine, Nov/Dec 1995.

Here are
the results of the questionnaire that YLP folks filled out in December 1995 on the technology strand.

During the fall, YLP students tested out a range of Microsoft CD-ROM educational multimedia software, and wrote
reviews of the software and educational applications of the software.

Mendocino Unified School District (in California) has some units that integrate computer usage. There is even one for first grade.

Here is the web page for
Broadmeadow Elementary School in Rantoul.

Here are the notes from the February 23rd session on
Educational Networks.

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