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Written by Jim Peterson , Bloomington School District , Bloomington, IL

Revised by Karen Eder


"Robbery is illegal, but people still find it prudent to lock doors and close windows in their homes; so too must we lock up our information systems. " SafeGuarding Your Technology, National Cooperative Education Statistics System ( )

Due to the number and complexity of the technologies in schools today, the issue of security has become a much more salient topic. As schools begin to network computers and peripherals to each other; neighbor classrooms, wide area networks and the Internet, the administration, teachers and students are increasingly aware of the need for security within their systems. This is due to the growing number of entry points in these connected classrooms. The focus of this paper is to delineate the entry points and provide common software and hardware security adaptations that assist in limiting access and maintenance of technology services. It will discuss the administration, development and implementations of policies required to maintain a secure network environment. Since the audience of this paper is mainly teachers and administrators, each relevant security subtopic is disussed. Those security issues that are normally handled by a network administrator or contracted entities are more thoroughly covered through links to relevant documents.



Security Levels

All schools should have a security component of their technology plans. There are several different levels of security that need to be defined. Each level has someone who is deemed responsible. Depending upon the school circumstances, the person responsible at each level may be the administration, teachers, and/or students.The security levels, list of possible responsible persons, and the issues of each level are discussed below.



Annotated Web Sites


Comprehensive Technology Security

Safeguarding Your Technology: Practical Guidelines for Electronic Education Information Security

An extensive and detailed guide to education institution security. This downloadable document deals with risks, needs assessment, security policy development, and protection of physical, information software, user access, and network information securities. Highly recommended for teachers, technology coordinators, network administrators, and technology committee members.


Desktop Security Products


FoolProof Software

PowerOn Software


Aladdin Systems



Network Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows NT

Novell Netware


Firewall and Router Security

Review of Firewalls and Internet Security


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Developed 3/5/99. Last modified 5/2/99.