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University of Illinois

Curriculum Technology Education Reform (CTER)

EPS 304 Summer 2002

Instructor: Dr. Nick Burbules

Heidi Adreon, Anne Catey, and Kery Strysick

In 1999 University of Illinois students Toni Greer, Donna Holinga, Christy Kindel and Melissa Netznik designed a Web site entitled An Educator's Guide to Credibility and Web Evaluation.  Since the Web is evolving so quickly, information and issues regarding Web site credibility have changed since 1999.  The original White Paper on this topic focused on three main sections:  Why Evaluate Web Information, Methods of Evaluation, and Teaching Web Evaluation.  This Web site is an addendum to the original White Paper that will address the changes associated with these three sections.

Before addressing those changes, it is necessary to revisit the definition of credibility that the original White Paper discussed. It read, “A resource that is credible is one which shows evidence of authenticity, reliability and believability (Greer, et al, 1999).  In addition, the White Paper included, “…the key to credibility is trust; How well can one trust the information found on the Internet, as well as other resources” (Greer, et al., 1999)?

The changes that have been made in 2002 focus on several areas such as legislation, mobility and lack of representation.  In addition, lesson plans for grade levels 4-12 have been included to teach students the importance and methods of web evaluation.  Throughout this Web site, links to the original White Paper have been included as well as excerpts of original thoughts on credibility.  These excerpts are needed to ensure understanding of the recent information that has been discovered through research conducted by the CTER 4 credibility group while in EPS 304 instructed by Dr. Nicholas Burbules.

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