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Campus Middle School for Girls


Carmelita Nussbaum, Director | (217) 344-8279
1203 W Green St, Urbana, IL 61801

Bus Line

On campus. Check the MTD site for more information.

Send Initial Tutoring Application to:

See contact listed above.

Process for Linking Tutors with Teachers.

Tutors usually teach 1-2 students during the regular Spanish class period or after school. After school tutors meet with me for an orientation and introduction to the student. Then they come each week, usually once a week, to tutor their student.

Orientation Provided

The Volunteer Coordinator holds one-on-one orientation with students as students sign-up.

Describe the Procedure for Signing up for Tutoring

Interested Spanish tutors contact Carmelita Nussbaum. Schedules are compared for a "fit", as students tutor during our Spanish classes. Often two tutors work with each student because of schedules. CMS expects tutors to coordinate with each other on lesson plans, timing of tests, etc. This has worked out well in the past. After school tutors contact Director Nussbaum, for a one-on-one brief orientation, and then volunteers begin working with their CMS student.


September 15/January 15 with some flexibility.

Day and Hour Tutoring Availability

After school (3:15-4:15 p.m.) or during study hall as needed.

Tutoring Program Offered

  • After-school tutoring
  • Tutoring one-on-one not in classroom, but other available space

Subjects Needed

  • Spanish - two beginning students
  • Math - Algebra 1 - on Monday afternoons
  • Study skills -  for 6th grade student

Questions/Comments From the Coordinator?

Campus Middle School generally has its schedule set for each semester by late August and mid-December.