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Barkstall Elementary School


Amy Lamb, Mentor/Volunteer Coordinator | (217) 373-5580
2001 Hallbeck Drive, Champaign, IL 61822

Bus Line


Send Initial Tutoring Application to:

Email the completed application and background check to the voluteer coordinator. An informational letter and summary of your rights under the FCRA is availble online.

Process for Linking Tutors with Teachers.


Orientation Provided

The Volunteer Coordinator holds one-on-one orientation with students as students sign-up.

Describe the Procedure for Signing up for Tutoring

They sign in and out of the visitors log and the volunteer sign in book.


No, there is no deadline.

Day and Hour Tutoring Availability


Tutoring Program Offered

None requested.

Subjects Needed

All subjects, especially literacy tutors for K-2.