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For Undergraduate Students

I-Teach I-Lead represents the College of Education's philosophy and approach to preparing our students to succeed in both formal and non-formal learning environments. It includes our redesigned teacher licensure programs and a new, non-licensure Bachelor of Science in Education and Learning Studies major. I-Teach I-Lead leverages the superior faculty and research capabilities of our College and affords our students the opportunity to learn alongside some of the greatest minds in the field of education.

For more information on I-Teach I-Lead and our new Learning and Education Studies major, a non-licensure degree program, please click here.

Degree Options

The College of Education offers four undergraduate degrees:

Learning & Education Studies 

The Learning and Education Studies degree program is a non-licensure major with concentrations in Applied Learning Science, Educational Equality and Cultural Understanding, and Workplace Training and Development. This curriculum prepares students for a broad range of positions requiring expertise of informal and non-formal learning and education. Examples include training and program development, international schools, and other education-related positions in agencies, business, and government.

Early Childhood Education 

The Early Childhood Education degree program prepares students for Illinois Early Childhood licensure (birth through grade three). The program also incorporates course work leading to an Early Childhood Special Education approval.

Elementary Education 

  • For students graduating after September 1, 2017:

The Elementary Education degree program prepares students for Illinois licensure (grades one through six in self-contained classrooms).

  • For students graduating prior to September 1, 2017:

The Elementary Education degree program prepares students for Illinois licensure (grades kindergarten through nine in self-contained classrooms). Additional coursework is required for students who wish to obtain a middle grade endorsement. For more information, refer to

Special Education

The Department of Special Education offers an undergraduate field-based professional licensure preparation program designed to prepare teacher candidates to work with individuals with varying disabilities including: learning disabilities, social or emotional disorders, cognitive disabilities, physical disabilities and other health impairments, autism and traumatic brain injury.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in the Secondary Education teaching minor, information can be found here. You are highly encouraged to contact to discuss the requirements for admission to the program.