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Transfer Homework

It is important that you review the College Homework website thoroughly and have an understanding of your program requirements. Please do the following before you come to your Registration Program:

  1. Read through your Program of Study for an overview of your General Education, Area of Concentration and Professional Education requirements.
  2. Read through the Professional Course Sequence for an overview of Year I of your program with a special eye on what your fall semester could look like.
  3. Review the General Education course lists.
  4. Run a degree audit to review the requirements you have completed through off-campus coursework and the requirements you will need to complete in your remaining two years. Make a list of the requirements you have not yet completed. This will help you plan for summer and academic year courses.
  5. Plan a fall schedule that includes a combination of Professional Education courses and General Education courses or Area of Concentration courses you need. Remember, much of your schedule will be determined by course availability when you register, but it is very helpful to have an idea of what you’d like to take in the fall semester.