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College of Education Summer Registration

Summer Registration is fast approaching. Very soon you will be on the University of Illinois campus to register for fall semester classes. Listed below are steps that will help get your college experience started off on the right foot! Every incoming College of Education student is encouraged to read the list below and become familiar with the material.

The First Steps

Step 1 - Sign Up

Sign-up for Summer Registration Date. If you have not already done so, you must sign up for a summer registration date.

Step 2 - Homework

Complete all homework a week before you come to campus. Freshmen should complete this homework. While Transfer students should review this information.

Freshmen are encouraged to register for a discovery course their first term. These classes are small, fun, and taught by some of the top professors at the university. This fall there are three discovery courses being taught in the College of Education. A complete list and more information on discovery courses is available on the Provost's web site.

Step 3 - Placement and Proficiency Testing

All freshman students are required to take the ALEKS Math placement exam. Whether or not you are required to take other placement exams depends on your academic background and program of study. Transfer students may be required to take placement exams depending on academic background and transferable credit. Both freshman and transfer students have an opportunity to take proficiency exams. You should take the foreign language placement test in the language you took in high school even if you don’t plan on taking a language here. All testing must be completed at least two weeks before you arrive for registration or we might not be able to advise you properly.

Step 4 - Test of Academic Proficiency

The Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) is an admission requirement for teacher education majors in the College of Education. You may register for the Illinois Licensure Testing System (ILTS) Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)here: Please note, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has determined that ACT Plus Writing/SAT scores can be used in lieu of a passing score on the Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly known as the Illinois Test of Basic Skills).  Please visit the ACT/SAT in Lieu of TAP page for more information.

Things to Know

Check in begins at 8:15 am.  Welcome is at 9:00 am.  The day concludes in the late afternoon.  Students receive an overview of the day’s events in a packet mailed to them from the Office of Admissions prior to Summer Registration.

You will have your photo taken during the registration process for your I-Card. We will also have some forms to complete. Additionally, you will make your first fall academic advising appointment before you leave.

Information will be provided during registration to assist you in class selection. However, if you would like to review that information prior to registration, please feel free.  See the New Student Registration Summer Handbook. A bound copy will be provided for use during registration.

Discovery courses provide students with a great opportunity to interact with faculty in small class sizes. This small interaction allows for faculty to be able to share with students their research in a particular area. Some Discovery courses can be used to satisfy General Education requirements while others are used as electives. We encourage you to learn more about Discovery courses that are offered in the College of Education.

EPS 199Back to the 1960's
EPSY 199Educating Today’s Children
SPED 117The Culture of Disability

The College of Education offers freshmen students an Orientation Seminar course that focus on understanding college life and the field of education as a profession. The Freshmen Honors Seminar course is available for James Scholar Honor Students. We encourage you to learn more about these selected courses that are offered for freshmen in the College of Education.

EDUC 101 Education Orientation Seminar
EDUC 102 Freshman Honors Seminar

Things to Bring

All students should bring:

  • Enterprise/NetID and password. Confused about what an enterprise ID and password are? Find out more here. Haven't claimed your NetID yet? You can do that online too.
  • A pencil or pen
  • Some paper to take notes
  • Photo id. The morning of your summer registration, you'll have your i-card issued.

Things to Bookmark

Undergraduate Handbook

CoTE (Council on Teacher Education)

Mobile Learning Initiave  

Class Schedule & General Education Requirements

Discovery Courses for Freshmen


CITES (Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services)

Office of Financial Aid

Illinois Certification Testing System

Office of the Registrar

Office of Admissions