Working with Local Schools 

Schools in Champaign and Urbana have worked out a system of considering research projects with the University to avoid being flooded with individual requests. Many researchers want the convenience of local school placements but not all are able to conduct research in these schools. Consider carefully if there is a nearby school district that is outside of Champaign and Urbana that would meet your needs. You may need to fall back on that option if the local schools cannot accommodate your project.


The local schools consider projects only three times per year and only by means of information provided through the Bureau of Educational Research. In order to be considered for a given semester you must have your School Research Form completed and submitted by the deadline for that semester’s distribution of information to the districts. The deadlines are just above for each semester. You can count on approval not coming any sooner than two weeks after that deadline and sometimes it takes longer. If you want to start a project early in Spring semester, submit it for the Fall deadline. For those of you with classes involving research activities with students who want more than just a class project please plan accordingly so the students can submit for approval by the deadline.