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Spotlight on the Faculty

The College of Education's Mobile Learing Initiative reconceptualizes learning practices and environments through the integration of computers, new media, and related digital technologies. As part of the MLI, the Faculty Laptop Program contributes to the College's vision for leadership in ubiquitous learning and computing by providing faculty with resources in which they can enhance their teaching, add new dimensions and perspectives to their research agenda, and model innovative uses of technologies and media to students.

In Fall 2009, the initial cohort of faculty particpants received:

  • 15in MacBook Pro
  • 8 GB iPod Touch
  • 500 GB External Hard Drive
  • iLife and iWork Software

These faculty will be exploring the following themes during 2009-2010:

  • digital media for teaching and research
  • data-driven decision making
  • mobile devices and resources for the digital learner
  • research in the digital age
  • building the 21st century curriculum

For more information on the Mobile Learning Initiative for Faculty, please contact Dr. Evangeline S Pianfetti at