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Mobile Learning Initiative

Mobile Learning Initiative
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Mobile Learning Initiative: A Vision for Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century

The vision for a Mobile Learning Initiative (MLI) at the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign focuses on the belief that one of the guiding principles for 21st Century learning is to provide learning opportunities for students in which they acquire the skills necessary for living and working in a society where the proliferation and role of technology is evident. As a leader in technology and 21st Century learning, the College’s vision for supporting a Mobile Learning Initiative empowers the students to gain lifelong learning skills including higher order thinking and problem-solving. Our future teachers will then impart these skills onto the students they teach, preparing them to be lifelong learners in a society where the rapid change of technology is fostering new ways of looking at the world and daily living.

As part of a Research I University, the College of Education has consistently been ranked as one of the top twenty colleges of education in the United States. With over 100 faculty, the College prides itself on its diversity and quality of faculty it attracts with leaders in such fields as technology, evaluation, bilingual education, special education, educational policy, bullying and literacy. The College is determined to meet or exceed standards for teacher quality set by ISTE, NCATE, and the State of Illinois regarding new teacher preparation for its more than 1000 students. Additionally, the College is the home of the Council on Teacher Education, a campus wide administrative unit that provides leadership for all the teacher education programs on the UIUC campus, including art, music, physical education, foreign language, et al., many of which are housed in separate colleges.

Pioneering efforts in technology and digital media, the College of Education has long been committed to excellence in the teaching of preservice teacher candidates. The College was one of the first on campus to support wireless computing in instructional and open spaces and is now taking a lead in a Mobile Learning Initiatives, being one of the first undergraduate programs to require that students entering the College come equipped with a prescribed laptop. Additionally, in the past five years, the College of Education has made a concerted effort to strengthen technology integration within courses aimed at the professional preparation of teachers and to infuse technology throughout all aspects of the teacher education program including in the creation of electronic portfolios and digital philosophies, and in field placements. The College of Education believes that their Mobile Learning Initiative reflects its commitment to excellence in teaching, learning and research.