Study Abroad Trip in Hong Kong/Macau 

This two-week winter break study abroad trip will introduce you the education, culture and history of Hong Kong and Macau. Hong Kong has been ranked as one of the top three in the world for its math, reading, and science education. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to work with education students at Chinese University of Hong Kong on planning a lesson or activity that you will teach at local public schools. You will learn about their pedagogy and education system, meet with local school teachers, and university faculty. You will have the opportunity to visit two elite international schools in Hong Kong. 

You will also visit a prestigious international school in Hong Kong whose director is an alumni of the College of Education. The school provides a bilingual environment of Chinese and English from early childhood education through secondary education.  You will also visit the University of Macau and meet their faculty and their honor education students who will join us in the spring semester! 

Plus, you will get to stay in the 4 star hotel in the heart of Hong Kong for part of your trip.

You will need to register the course EPS 199 Education in a Global Context-Hong Kong and Macau for enrolling in this study abroad trip. The course is offered for the latter half of the semester.

The estimated cost is  around$3000 including direct flights from Chicago to Hong Kong, an Illinois reception party, transportation, accommodation (including 4 star hotels), and most meals. 

For the College of Education students, you should be qualified to receive $500 scholarship for this study abroad trip that you can apply towards the final cost. Additional scholarship might be available, please email

 Questions? Please contact Wei Liu at

(Check out the pictures in Hong Kong/Macau!)
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