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Strategic Plan 2007-2010

Throughout 2005-2006, the College of Education faculty, staff and students engaged in developing a new roadmap for the College of the future. Along with the University and Urbana-Champaign Campus, we looked at our strengths, analyzed our weaknesses and established a shared vision of what the College of Education at the University of Illinois will be known for in the years ahead. This is a continual process and while we will continue to refine, update and revisit the critical components of this plan, we want to share our progress with you. Use the links below to explore the College of Education's plans for the future.


The College Strategic Plan: 2007 - 2010

The College of Education submitted an institutional plan to the Provost of the Urbana-Champaign Campus. This plan will be a guide to the where we go and how we get there in the coming years. From new breakthrough thinking in critical areas to continually improving our teaching, scholarship and service - we have established a framework of measurable goals that build on our 100 year history while ensuring our successful future.

Download the plan:
College of Education Strategic Plan Executive Summary (2007) - PDF, approx. 1MB

Requires Adobe Reader (free download)

The Quick Summary:
The plan outlines broad strategic goals and identifies metrics for measuring progress against them. The five major divisions of the new plan are:

  • Innovating and Continuing Excellence in our core activities of research, teaching and service.
  • Diversifying sources of and increasing overall operating income.
  • Focusing efforts on four strategic initiatives aligned to Strategic Campus Goals for preeminence and to garner new external investment.
  • Redeveloping the intellectual foundations of the College to align our scholarship, culture and practice with our strategies for growth.
  • Rescuing and revitalizing facilities and organizational culture

Strategic Initiatives and Intellectual Foundations

The College is focusing efforts on four strategic initiatives aligned to Strategic Campus Goals. These initiatives represent areas in which we believe we could significantly enhance our research, teaching and service activities, achieve preeminence, and attract considerable external resources. They are:

Dean/Leadership Team Presentations on the Planning Process

Dean Kalantzis and the College Leadership Team have had the opportunity to deliver presentations on the strategic planning efforts to members of the University community. PDF versions of these will be available here for review.

October 31, 2006 - Presentation to Provost Linda Katehi
January 16, 2007 - Presentation to Chancellor Richard Herman