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A Message from Dean Mary Kalantzis

The end of another academic year has come to a close, and what an outstanding year it has been. The College held its convocation ceremony on Sunday, May 18, to celebrate and mark the magnificent academic milestones of its newest alumni. With unbridled pride we congratulate this group of graduates who will make a positive difference in the world through their education endeavors and beyond. Our 2014 graduates join 34,000 fellow alumni from the College to become the next generation of influential leaders in education, and we couldn’t be more proud and excited for them.

During the ceremony, Michelle Bonati, Ariana Dymerski, and Colleen Leahy were honored as Outstanding Student Medalists for their stellar scholarship, leadership, and service to the College, the University, and the community. These women gave heartfelt, knowledgeable, and inspiring speeches that affected many in attendance. I invite you to see pictures and read more about convocation, where our College’s Bronze Tablet and James Scholar recipients were also honored.

Our esteemed professors in the College accomplish great things every academic year through teaching, research, and publication, and now two of them have made history. The recognition of Debra Bragg and Dorothy Espelage as Edward William Gutgsell & Jane Marr Gutgsell Endowed Professors is truly noteworthy. These honors recognize the campus’s most distinguished senior faculty members and promote opportunities for ongoing faculty development. The research of Debra and Dorothy has had a direct influence nationwide, sparking informed debates and discussions related to bullying and completing community college. It’s worth noting that of the only 16 Gutgsell Endowed Professors on campus, four of them come from our College.

Our student scholars are also making a noticeable impact. Special Education doctoral student Catherine Corr was a recipient of the prestigious Doris Duke Fellowship for her groundbreaking research topics. Other student honors include Gabriel “Joey” Merrin, who will join the AERA Council in 2015-16; Amanda Rowland, who received the Lincoln Academy Student Laureate Award; and Kristen Lawrence, winner of the Kathleen W. McCartan Award, bestowed by the Diversity for Early Childhood organization. I invite you to see the full list of awards, as well as a recap of the professors, researchers, and administrators in the College who are being recognized for great things. As we evolve to attain our vision of what education in the 21st century should look like, we’re pleased to see the continued accolades received by faculty members, staff members and students in our College.

The College continues to be on the forefront of change, and with commitment and renewed energy we look forward to 2014-2015. We are heavily invested in the redesign of our undergraduate teacher education programs with the intention to develop more meaningful partnerships with collaborating schools to better prepare students; create a “freshmen-to-alumni” philosophy that will serve students beyond graduation; and continue to build opportunities for our students to study abroad. To reflect our College’s legacy and commitment to addressing social inequality, we are excited to introduce a degree offering called Learning and Education Studies, which will focus on applied learning, educational equality and cultural understanding, as well as workplace training and development.

I wish you and yours a happy summer vacation, and I invite you to keep track of College happenings during the break via our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and LinkedIn pages.

Mary Kalantzis
Professor and Dean

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