Culminating Activity

For the final activity of my weather unit, I have planned to schedule a time for Judy Frasier, a reknowned television meteorologist of Champaign-Urbana, to make a presentation to my third grade class and the neighboring third grade class. I think this would be an excellent way to end this unit. Before Mrs. Frasier's visit, I will take time in the classroom to have my students brainstorm good "interviewing" questions. We will use a modification of the K-W-L format. I will explain to them that this is their opportunity to ask any unanswered questions that they may have about weather. This will also give them an opportunity to meet with a meteorologist, and see what the job entails. With luck, this presentation will cause the children to reflect on their knowledge of weather, that they have learned in this month long unit, so that they can have a successful discussion with Judy Frasier. We will follow up with a brief discussion of the things we learned that we had not known before the presentation and summarize the highlights of Mrs. Frasier's visit.
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