Shisha Appliqué

Lesson #6
Level: 4th Grade
Subject: social studies, art
Approx. Time: 45-60 minutes




  1. Anticipatory Set: Show children a piece that contains shisha appliquŽ
  2. Explain history of technique/quilting. Share book that contains pictures of various quilts.
  3. Ask children if they have seen anything that may have been influenced by this in US society. Make a class list.
  4. Today, we are going to have a chance to make our own sash using shisha appliqué
  5. Demonstrate how to attach mirrors
  6. Intro. activity: Tell the students to design their own sash using varied materials and mirrors.
  7. Bring safety issues to children's attention. Needles, sharp points, etc.
  8. Pass out materials: have helper table pass out mirrors, needles pre-threaded. Have one table at a time, come to front of room and select sash color.
  9. Have children write a description of their sash and also include how Indian quilting has affected other quilting pieces and their own.
  10. Sashes and descriptions will be displayed in the class for cultural fair.


Obj. #1: I will evaluate the children's understanding of how Indian quilting has affected English and American fabric quilting through our discussion and their written descriptions.

Obj. #2: I will circulate as the children work to determine their ability to follow stitch pattern. I will also look at the final products to determine whether they followed the stitching pattern.

Obj. #3: I will look at the children's individual sashes and the display of sashes at the fair to admire the creativity they children used.

Obj. #4: I will assess the children's writing sample.

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