Temperature Facts

Math, Science, Social Studies

Grade Level: Third - March
Teacher of Lesson: Stacey Perri
Approximate Time: Thirty Minutes


Objectives: Materials:


  1. Ask the students to estimate how much hotter it is in the desert than here. Write these estimations on the board.
  2. Give the students the temperature information and graph paper, asking them to graph the facts using two different colors. (The students have had previous experience with line graphs in math). Go through the first month as guided practice. Remind students to use two different colors, and to label their graphs.
  3. When the students are finished, ask them:
  4. Have a volunteer point out the two areas on the map. Ask the students what type of climate each area has.
  5. Close lesson by asking the students to place their graphs into their journals.


Evaluation: Reteaching Strategies and Follow-Up:
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