Desert Habitat Introduction Day

Teacher of Lesson: Teresa Moore
Grade Level: 2/3




  1. Before literature, arrange chairs in classroom for an airplane setup. (one aisle with two seats on either side.) Meet to read them literature on carpet area.
  2. After reading, pass out plane tickets to all passengers. There is a seat number on all tickets. I would like you to line up by seat number and wait to be called to board the plane.
  3. Call students by groups of four to be seated. Ask that they keep their trays on their laps (lab boards). They may quietly talk to their neighbors while others are boarding, but when I (stewardess) get on the loud speaker (microphone), you must listen for instructions.
  4. After seated, get on the microphone and welcome them to flight 18 (room number) departing Urbana for Sunny Arizona. Ask a couple passengers what they expect to see in Arizona. Explain that they are all on this special flight as part of a Desert Tour Group. The Sonoran Desert is a very large desert in North America, covering much of the Southwest United States and part of Mexico. At the end of the flight, they will meet their tour guide. Since it is such a short flight, we ask that no one leave their seats until we exit the plane.
  5. On the seat in front of you, you will find some reading materials to help pass by the time on the flight. In fact, your desert tour guide has left them for you to fill out, so she can know what to show you more of on the tour. It is very important that she gets one of these from everyone as you exit the plane later. Make sure you write your name on the paper so you will be officially registered for the tour. Everyone take the paper off the seat and place it on your tray now. Remember to write your name.
  6. What your guide wants to know is the names of plants and animals you think might live in the Sonoran Desert. She also wants to know if you know any groups of people that might live in the desert or if any people live there at all. The last section is the environment. What might we include here? (weather, land, wet or dry? hot or cold? sandy, rocky, mountainous?)
  7. Please work on these now while I go visit the cockpit. (take off blazer out of sight, and add desert gear... become the guide.) Announce on the microphone (bring with): Attention passengers. We are now over the state of Arizona, nearing the airport. It is now 2:_ _, and a stifling 103 degrees Fahrenheit on the ground below. The captain is now landing. Please finish up your pages and wait for further directions.
  8. Wait a couple minutes: We are now on the ground. Thank you for flying Sonoran Airlines and we hope you fly again. Your tour guide will be entering the plane to welcome you to the state of Arizona. So please remain in your seats. Have a nice trip to the Sonoran Desert! And again, thank you for flying Sonoran Airlines. You were a pleasure to ride with.
  9. Enter as the tour guide with backpack: Welcome everybody to the great state of Arizona! How is everybody today? Wonderful! My name is Miss Moore and I will lead you on a fantastic tour of the Sonoran Desert. But first you're probably wondering why I'm dressed differently from you. Right? Well, I'm all set for the desert in my clothing and my supplies. Can someone raise their hand and tell me about something I'm wearing that will help me in the desert? Why? (explain and clarify) Turn that sheet you were working on over and make a list of supplies we need for the desert. We now have one item... are there more? (Go through clothes than contents of bag.)
  10. Are there any questions you would like answered about the desert and the life there? (take a few) I'd like everyone to take a few minutes to write two or three questions they would like answered about the desert, on the other half of the backside of your paper. When you are done, look at me so I know to go on.
  11. Ok, now I'd like to hear a couple more questions that you wrote down, then I'll read the rest this evening.
  12. We are almost ready to depart the plane, but first, let me read you an introduction to all the wonders we will learn about on our trip. (read first two pages of the book.) ... Again, I hope you have a wonderful time in the desert. I will now ask that row one return their seats to their original position in the room and hand me your trays and papers on the way out the door. Row 2... row 3...
  13. Remaining time may be used as a work period.


  1. Read webs to learn their knowledge base and/or misconceptions.
  2. Read their questions on the back of the page for what they want to know.
  3. Set up a role modeled plane trip and act out characters. Monitor their behavior and be enthusiastic for their excitement.

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