Language Arts Center
(permanent on wall, during desert section)

Teacher of Lesson: Teresa Moore
Grade Level: 2/3

Prior Knowledge: Worked with dictionary skills in their Spelling books throughout the school year.




  1. Meet with the class around the center area to introduce the new center. "There are six dictionary sheets in this center. They all have to do with the desert. You should all be familiar with all or most of these skills from your work in your spelling books. I'm going to quickly go through the activities now. If you have more questions, you may ask me individually afterwards."
    1. There are two that ask you to put the desert words in alphabetical order. If you come to two words that start with the same letter, what do you look at? (second letter)
    2. Two others ask for you to look at guide words. Who remembers what guide words are? (two words written on the top of the page.) What do guide words tell you about that page? (the first and last word on the page) Entry words are all the words that are defined and in ABC order. (point to "Rex's Dictionary Page" to help illustrate.
    3. The last two have you looking at the different parts, then using the sample dictionary, "Rex's Dictionary Page". Point to the parts of Rex's page and tell them the different parts: guide words, entry words, pronunciation, syllables, parts of speech, and definitions. Use a half sheet of lined paper to write your name, card title, and answers on, for all cards except for "A Very Cool Bird". For this one, just take a copy and use these crayons and your pencil to fill out the sheet.
  2. When you finish a sheet, put it in the file and put a slash in the correct box on the record sheet. When I correct the papers, I will star the ones you successfully completed. Or I'll hand it back to you for corrections to be made. If you do all 6 activities, in your spare time, you'll receive a good workers award.
  3. Dismiss the group but stay to ask any extra questions from individuals.


Continually check the tray for incoming papers. Mark the scores on the record sheet. Those who use their time wisely will have time to work at the center and earn an award for their hard work.

Extensions/ Reteaching Strategies:

For an extra challenge, have them write dictionary mystery riddles using their spelling book dictionaries. Example: I can be found between shine and touch. I have two syllables. I am a verb. You can add an -er, -est, or -s to my end. What entry word am I? Submit these to the center to challenge their peers.
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